HQ4Games: R.I.P. Famas, What Next?

This article is going to be slightly different, as this is not a review but more of a guide as to what gun you should use now that everybody’s favourite Famas has been nurfed. Unless you have been living under a rock in the past few weeks you will have all heard that the Famas has been nurfed. Now what I mean by nurfed is that it has been made worse. To summarise Treyarch didn’t like how everybody was using the Famas so they have decided to bring it in line with the other weapons.

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Takoulya2839d ago

Please be able to spell "nerfed" correctly before writing an article which the word takes up half the space of. Also, it seems typical for the average Call of Duty player to be falling back to the next cheapest gun just to make sure their precious K/D doesn't get below 7.35.

TaxExemption 2839d ago

I thought they would have nerfed the AK-74u first, that gun pretty much has a big "win the game" button on it