D3 Solidifies White Knight Chronicles II Release Date

Miki Takahashi, Assistant Producer at D3 Publisher, confirms that White Knight Chronicles 2 will hit store shelves in North America on September 13th. Takahashi also hinted at future downloadable content for the game.

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Misterhbk3086d ago

If they brought both games to Vita I would scoop both of them up. I plan on buying this anyway since it comes with both games, but if I could have them portable I'd definitely love that option.

pinkyxyz3086d ago

one of the few rpg's that I've ever beaten (I know right). will purchase day 1

Spenok3086d ago

Man you need to complete it. I really enjoyed it. ANd lucky for you WKC 1 comes with 2. :D

pinkyxyz3086d ago

thanks but i meant that I did beat it and its one of the few ones.

Spenok3086d ago

Oh shit, lmao. I read that as you DIDNT beat it... but ill take a guess and say you knew that already lol.

Well good for you then. Theres plenty more RPG goodness out there. If you ever want a suggestion feel free to ask. (Im sort of an rpg nut.)

tiffac3083d ago

I'm also getting this on day 1. :D

Omegabalmung3086d ago

September is gonna be a busy month :)