GameSpot: Now Playing - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

GameSpot: Maxwell shows off even more Deus Ex: Human Revolution for your viewing pleasure.

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Rampaged Death2837d ago

Really excited about this. Only two weeks but I want it now !

clarkjudo2836d ago

(8/13/11) 10 more days for USA release, I agree on the want it now feeling. :)

Jacks_Medulla2837d ago

I still don't know how I feel about this game. While the multiple play options, story, and RPG elements are intriguing, the game always appears to be very unpolished. I'm going to have to wait and see what the reviews say; hopefully it will be good. I am in desperate need of games to play.

SageHonor2836d ago

YES, I hope the gameplay holds up on his own.

lastdual2836d ago

I wouldn't hesitate on this game.

Some aspects of the original Deus Ex might have been less polished than more narrowly directed games, but the sheer scope of what you could do more than made up for it. Looks like it will be the same here. I doubt any of the small issues will detract much from the impressive depth of the world.

KwietStorm2836d ago

Man with all the gameplay videos and trailers I've seen, I feel like I played the game already. I hope it isn't short, and that's the reason they have showed so much. The trophy list is pretty short though. Hopefully that just means they're more focused, and don't reflect the game length.

pr0digyZA2836d ago

I believe its 25 hours if you go through the game at a fastish (did I invent a word?) pace.

KwietStorm2836d ago

It's certainly a new word to me, but thanks for the info.

despair2836d ago

I watched one vid on a multipath level playthrough recently but other than that I have tried my best to stay away from everything that might spoil the game for me. This is my most anticipated game of the year and thats saying a lot considering the fall lineup. I'm replaying the original right now in anticipation :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2836d ago

I wont lie, I am excited for this game's release but something keeps telling me in the back of my mind that they should have pushed this game for 2012 to work on the animations a bit more, a smooth transition from normal stance to stealth kills (the screen blinks which annoys me a bit) and other small kinks Ive seen in the video. It isn't going to stop me from buying the title but makes me wonder how it would have been with a few more months in development.

KwietStorm2836d ago

Well it was already delayed. I know exactly what you're talking about, but I think it was more of a design decision, which wouldn't necessarily change with more development time if they already made up their mind on that. Just have to wait and see how it feels I guess.

clarkjudo2836d ago

Funny, that was going over my head since the "Beta" (pre-build)leak footage that I have seen on this subject. It is rather unfortunate to have the take down of a person stooping over an object, suddenly change the person to a standing position. It would be more realistic for them to be grabbed and brought to the up-right position as part of the take down.

Nearly 4 years in production ... time and money is your enemy. Time was spent on nearly 60 hours of game play but then scaled back to about 40 (full completion).