Modern Warfare 3 – 10 pages of scans

Check out 10 pages of scans from PSM3's "huge exclusive" on Modern Warfare 3.

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Kee2840d ago

I don't really see the obsession with magazine scans.

Couldn't they re-word the information given in the scan and write an article about it? I'd much prefer that, but yeah, whatever...

FACTUAL evidence2840d ago

M: Money
W: Wasted
3: 3rd time

Jack_DangerousIy2835d ago

Yeah... This is four days late..

But, that was brilliant! (seriously)

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Hazmat132840d ago

i cant wait to see some more storyline videos its an ok plot for a movie besides what has happend to soap!?!

KingDustero2840d ago

IMO the plot isn't that great at all and is quite obvious.

The whole thing was leaked not too long ago. It is generic just like all of the MW plots. However I'm sure there'll be a lot of action like always that hides how poor the plot is.

Hazmat132840d ago

i didnt say it was great it was ok jeez bro chill.

Sillyace922840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

is quite obvious? So I'm assuming you knew that the US Army leader was going to betray you at the end of MW2, right?

We got a Nostradamus here folks

Edit: oh wait you talking about the leaked plot in MW3? nvm then

jeseth2840d ago

So a World War 3 scenario with Warfare in Major Cities around the world is not interesting to you?

Hmmph. What is then? I don't think there has been a single game in history which has done so yet. . . .

Do you play games for fun or to complain?

KingDustero2840d ago

@ Jeseth

Lol I'm guessing you have played any of the past CoD games then because that is what ALL the CoD games our. Just fighting in cities/enemy bases.

Stop being so ignorant.

BTW I'm not playing MW3 am I? I'm just saying the plot is generic as hell and is pretty predictable.

Just PM me if you want to know it. I'm not going to post spoilers on here.

Sillyace922840d ago


He's the ignorant one?

Okay captain reductive, all games can be boiled down to a petty statement to make it seem unappealing when you strip the story away from it. Uncharted is just shooting pirates looking for treasures, Resistance is just killing aliens, etc.

See how that works, Mr. Ignorant

jeseth2840d ago

"Lol I'm guessing you have played any of the past CoD games then because that is what ALL the CoD games our. Just fighting in cities/enemy bases."

And I'm the "ignorant" one. You must be proud to hide behind your computer screen shouting "ignorance".

Been gaming for a long time my friend and the statement you made about how lame COD is can pretty much be applied to every single game ever. So Battlefield, Killzone, Halo, MOH, Resistance, Gears, Doom, Socom, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Dead Space, etc. must all be pretty generic to you! Moron. All their story lines can be boiled down to the same pathetic statement you made.

P.S. I'm guessing you meant "haven't" instead of "have".

P.P.S. Instead of "our" you should have said "are".

If you are (or you're) going to call me ignorant at least don't make yourself look like an ass by having some of the worst grammar possible. I had fun laughing at how "ignorant" your use of the English language is.

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Klaykid1232839d ago

It was all used up in the bathroom quarters! It's a bad campaign. BAD. It's not a good campaign if you die from stupid reasons like being dominated by overly powerful AI. It gets annoying when you're doing the same mission for 30 minutes because you walk 10 ft and get shot from an AI doing a 360 aim perfect on the head shot.

SephirothX212839d ago

No one really plays shooters for story. You want a story, play an rpg. I don't have much faith in MW3 seeing as most of the talent that was in IW left the studio. Though I hope I'm proved wrong. I'm not a big fan of CoD online anyway and I really think Battlefield 3 is the shooter to get this year but to each their own.

SAE2840d ago

i want to see the multiplayer

jeseth2840d ago

And for

BF3, look at BFBC2/MOH


KZ3, look at KZ2

for Gears 3, look at Gears 2


Halo Reach, look at Halo 3


Uncharted 3, look at Uncharted 2


Resistance 3, look at Resistance 2.

SAE2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

i enjoy call of duty , so im buying it , it have new maps / weapons and improve the gameplay a little , that's enouph for me to buy it ...

just look at jeseth comment , he proved to you that all sequels look the same only with few changes in the gameplay but with new maps , some games improve the graphics and that's a good thing but if they don't want to that's their choice...

i can't wait for uncharted 3 >.< , i loved the multiplayer beta T_T

Klaykid1232839d ago


BFBC2/MOH and two different games. This is still the same continuation that is has been for nearly 10 titles.

KZ3 added new controls and different playstyles of your class than it did in KZ2.

I can't say for Gears.

Halo Reach had new gameplay methods such as running and those little things. Played different than Halo 3.

Uncharted 3 is SOOOOO much different than U2. I swear. I've played the beta.

Can't say much for R3/R2. Less people and it was overhauled. New Killstreaks and guns etc.

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Jason1432840d ago

Fanboy or not you must admit this engine is beyond out dated.

ConstipatedGorilla2840d ago

Yeah, it's old, but what's wrong with it? I still like the way they play, but I wish they'd do something about collision detection.

I know I'm in the minority, but does anyone else miss Call of Duty 2 - before all the killstreaks?

DtotheRoc2840d ago

to be honest just behind cod4 cod2 both of which i only played on PC were some of the best MP experiences in gaming of course though nothing beats counterstrike, naturally.

Jason1432839d ago

yeah, killstreaks inspired such poor mechanics. More people began camping and getting their friends on the other team to let them keep killing them etc. I find that playing on steam vs ps3 or 360 is way better with their anti camp maps punk buster hosted servers. consoles should take note on what punk buster has achieved.

CrimsonEngage2840d ago

I refuse to click the link because i already know how the game is going to look...

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