ESEA - Hands on With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESEA - A few back reports surfaced on the internet that Valve was inviting top CSS players and select community leaders to their headquarters. The purpose of the meeting was completely unknown to everyone and speculation ran wild but we knew something important was brewing. Yesterday, August 11th, we all found out why we were here.

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TheDareDevil3086d ago

I only want one thing. Do not alter the maps in any way Valve. The original 1.6 maps were the best. Leave the level design as it is.
I'm surprised Assault wasn't mentioned. It's definitely my favourite map

Vladplaya3086d ago

I am not sure about this, I think too much time passed to be excited about a Counter Strike game, also from the sound of the article, even with different feel of the game, it will be similar to previous cs games, that can be good news for some and bad news for others.