These are the perfect videos to make us warm for the first Counter Strike on PS3 and 360

Counter Strike coming to the PS3 and 360 is pretty big news. This franchise is one of the oldest shooters, but especially one of the most popular. The games didn't sell as good asCall of Duty , but the number of people still playing these games is immense.

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WhiteLightning3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I just can't beleive a respected game like Counter Strike isn't going to get a retail release. It's not like it won't sell....does anyone think it's just a test run to see if a CS game will sell a lot on consoles incase they make CS2 ?

Although apart from that the game looks amazing.

Kingsora3082d ago

I am guessing the content offered isn't enough for a full price retail game.

No singleplayer is also for a lot of people a reason not to buy a retail game, especially on consoles. All that in consideration, digital platforms are selling good nowadays so with the right marketing and buzz the game will probably still sell buckets.

Ducky3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Battlefield is also a respected series, it also didn't have a retail release with 1943.

It's a multiplayer game, so it would be assumed that the target audience has a reliable internet connection...
... that, and Valve likes to update their games. A lot.
So even if it was offered retail, if you bought it later, you'd have to put in the disk then wait half an hour for all the updates to come through. =/

gamingdroid3082d ago

1943 was such an old game though... I suppose a cheap retail release would have been possible, but why?

***So even if it was offered retail, if you bought it later, you'd have to put in the disk then wait half an hour for all the updates to come through. =/ ***

I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for an update on the Xbox 360. Xbox Live prevents too large updates (in size) and to frequent releases to prevent too many bug fixes that annoys customers after release.

TheOtherTheoG3082d ago

I don't think any of the Counter-Strike games got a full priced retail release. The original started as a mod, and then got a cut price retail release, like Team Fortress 2 or Portal price, Source was just packed with Half-Life 2. The games just aren't really big, content wise, to offer full price, they'd need to be packed in with something.

I do hope they update it as much as they do TF2. Not saying that I particularly want micro-transactions and cosmetic items, but regular balance patches and new weapons would be great.

noxeven3082d ago

Cant wait for the game, Its gonna be interesting to see what they do

red2tango3082d ago

I used to play CS briefly. Fuck I want to buy this game now.

theflyindutchman3082d ago

wtf is with all the one shot one kill with a desert eagle?
is that normal in couterstrike?
looks like a snipe fest to me tbh.

Fishy Fingers3082d ago

CS isnt forgiving, pretty much any gun will kill you in a single headshot. Anything other than the most basic of pistols that is.

Sniping, well yea it's pretty popular, but many servers dont allow the AWP (green sniper in video) as it's massively powerful.

STONEY43082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Basically, every weapon in the game kills you in a couple of shots, a single shot to the head is always death. Gunplay is heavily on accuracy and reflexes. In long range fights, you pretty much have to crouch and fire in single or burst shots due to the massive recoil of guns. It's a twitch shooter where shootouts come down to whoever can aim faster, more accurately, and control their recoil, while getting a balance between strafing and shooting. Even moreso in close range fights with the guy who just popped up from around the corner.

Yet at the same time, it's not overly tactical and you have to keep moving to have any sort of success. Sniping (with the Scout at least, since most servers restrict the other two) actually involves a lot of quickscoping, but you have to land a headshot or the other person will probable have time to react. And the assault rifles have good enough accuracy with controlled shots at long range that sniping isn't the "ZOMG I CAMP HARHAR" kind of thing, since you don't have a huge long range advantage.

cliffbo3082d ago

just what we need another first person shooter like we dont have enough of them to choose from.

Cpt_kitten3082d ago

dude its counter strike shut up and respect the awesomeness, call of duty only wishes it could be as good

radphil3082d ago


Yet it's one of the games in the industry that helped jump start the competitive play.

NarooN3082d ago

CS is one of the original FPS games, and was probably before you were even born kid. Shut yer trap and respect it.

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The story is too old to be commented.