Square Enix Dissapoints me to tears

Lans from TecStories writes: It really pains my heart to finally see a final fantasy game with alot of promise fail to take advantage of upcoming portable hardware. With Hype, graphics and freshness as its main appeal. I believe the psvita would have propelled Final Fantasy Type 0 to AAA status.
As it stands i believe this game will only really do well in Japan and disappear into obscurity in the rest of the world.

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Optical_Matrix2843d ago

Type-0 is a great game but I think it would have been unbelievable on the Vita. The graphics are already above and beyond anything I've ever seen on a handheld to date. It would have looked incredible on Vita. Hopefully by the time it hits the west it'll be a downloadable title I can download onto my Vita though.

Eamon2843d ago

Main reason why it would definitely have not been a Vita title is because it had already been through years of development on PSP and the budget would have been even bigger.

PSP games would be much cheaper to develop for than Vita of course.

BinaryMind2843d ago

The game is gonna sell like hotcakes in Japan anyway. At least a million copies. How do we know Vita won't be a disappointment as well?

pedrami912843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

And if we're lucky, FF Type-0 will end up on the PSN for Vita owners to download.

But could you also imagine what kind of new awsome looking games Square Enix could make for the PSV ?

Especially if they could port their Crystal Tools engine for the PSV ?

IMO it would be pretty awsome if they could bundle Crisis Core and Dissidia in a single card for the PSV with added bonuses for retail.

limewax2843d ago

Actually FF Type-0 was created on Crystal Tools, When they created the engine (back when it was called the white engine) they stated it would be used to create the games of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and it would cater to all platforms.

Personally I feel the reason they have kept it to PSP is because in the east the PSP has a huge userbase, and that won't have transferred over in a large amount by the time Type-0 would have been ready. It's entirely possible that Crystal Tools already works on the Vita

2843d ago
Mario0072843d ago

Dragonborn: what 2 360 exclusives did SE make for japan?

limewax2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I think he means the 2 360 exclusives, The Last Remnant, And Infinite Undiscovery maybe? Although made for the west, they saw japanese release but never had any success, both were fairly unsuccessful worldwide in general too.

All part of a big pay off from MS part of which included an agreement that they would also make a game using the Unreal Engine (TLR)

The whole thing was a pretty bad move by both parties, As both were stuck in particularly uncomfortable positions. MS being particularly shady, giving a friendly front to SE when really they had initially used FF11 and these 2 games as a 'foot in the door' as such to eventually close a deal with FFXIII on 360. While SE were stuck in a rather nasty position of being hit with deadlines they were not used to seeing, but not really being in a position to argue, as they had at that time no deals closing with PS due to the conflicts they had shortly before.

Essentially both were in a way at loggerheads while working together, But neither could be direct as both still had mutual benefit to reap before splitting all exclusivity deals

Istanbull2843d ago

"I believe the psvita would have propelled Final Fantasy Type 0 to AAA status"

When FF Type 0 was announced as FF XIII Agito, the PSP was a new machine back then, by the time this game arrives VIta will be in stores..

The same will happen to FF Versus XIII too, announced back in 2006 but will probably release in 2013 in the West, close to PS4s launch.

Foxgod2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Meh, its not the kind of final fantasy i loved in the snes and psx days.

This is some kind of a high school pop culture game with summons that look like lady gaga and george michael.

Kind of what you get if you mix FF8 with glee...
FF7 is still the last FF i enjoyed.

Kee2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Really? You didn't like 8, 9, 10 and 12?

Those were all really good games. 12's story sucked but the game WAS good.

Edit: 7 was really linear and that was still a great game. Up until you get to about the second disc, it's completely linear. You are severely limited as to where you can go.

8 was one of the most grown up games of the series.

9 just seemed childish because the main character had a tail. Still a great game.

10 being weird? No. Don't quite know what you're talking about with that.

12 had a great battle system. The same as all the previous games except you could walk while you fight.

And why does it always have to be crystals? That's getting cliche. They're changing things up.

Foxgod2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Indeed, 8 had a childish card system, 9 was childish, 10 was just plain weird to look at and was the start of the series becoming linear, and 12 had nice designs, but the gameplay was terrible, thats where the battle system went to hell.

TO me, a final fantasy is a non linear game, with nice designs in the style of the first 7 final fantasy's, with a real menu driven system based on equipable chrystals that teach you magics, and character specific skills.

The last FF that fits that description is part 7.

oli2843d ago

FF8 was good, its battle system is the only thing i didnt like. FF9 was also good, although it took a while for the story to get good. FF10, i got no complaints, it was good. FF12 had a cool battle system, but its story was toooo political (boring)

Eamon2843d ago

wtf? FF7 stops being linear like after 3-4 hours into the game. It's once you get to the world map it's no longer linear. And technically, it wasn't even linear to begin with. It's just you remain in Midgar for the first 3-4 hours but you could go anywhere and the level structure wasn't linear. It was made of loads of different districts like the Slums, Shinra HQ, Sewers, Train Graveyard, One of the main city sectors etc.

If you're referring to the story progression then yeah it is.
But every FF game's story has always been linear without letting the player make major choices.

Foxgod2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Well, just put it this way.

Remember the dissapointment you experienced when you played 13?
As a long time final fantasy fan, i felt that dissapointment starting with part 8.

Why do people think 13 is bad?
Cause its not what they are used to from FF.
A lot of People who enjoyed the first 7 FF games felt that when 8 came out, its too different from the first 7.

m-s-8-22843d ago

How was 8 "too different"? It was 7 with, in my opinion, a more tactical battle system due to having to draw and junction magic.

Foxgod2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Because it adopted a pokemon style card system that high schoolers in the game collected.....

It went from magical beings born from the planet itself, to artificially created summons stored in cards designed for teenagers......

This changed the setting of the game in a really bad way that the earlier FF audience didnt like too much.

In FF8 you went into a cave to capture ifrit into a card.....
Its more believable to a crystal forms into a cave that stores the souls and memory's from the planet itself.

Wolfmoonstrike2843d ago The lack of comprehension is strong with you Foxgod.

First off Ifrit was never stored in a card nor was any other GF(summon). While yes they're were cards and a card game which added a nice minigame, the summons were not cards. Infact GF's were stored in your head after you had drawn them in battle.

You need to replay and not fail so hard my poor ff7 fanboy.

Foxgod2843d ago

"While yes they're were cards and a card game which added a nice minigame"

Who cares if they are stored in your head.
That doesnt make sense either, they are still cards, and its even lamer that you store them in your head, and the childish high school setting didnt help either.

Chocoboh2842d ago

You're a freaking dumbass. Triple triad is one of my favourite mini-games in Final Fantasy. And GFs in FF8 are obtained the same was as they are in a lot of the other FF games where there are hidden GF across the map.

People hated FF13 mostly because it was a linear mess and not much to do(no towns, stores, interaction with the enviroment, ect.)

Hicken2842d ago

You're out of bubbles, but I'll respond to your silliness anyway.

No disappointment when I played 13, as I expected something different out of each FF, and that has always been the case.

Triple Triad is actually very fun, but it has nearly no bearing AT ALL on the game. I don't think you even NEED to play one game.

The Summons were not artificially created, nor were they stored in cards. You acquired cards for many of the GFs when you acquired them, but not all- Siren, for example, had to be won from a guy in Dollet.

Teenagers weren't the only ones playing the game. EVERYONE was. The Card Queen was no teenager. The mayors and rulers of various areas were no teenagers. Cid and Edea were not teenagers.

The earlier FF audience didn't have a problem. Only people who were infatuated with the "groundbreaking" FFVII complained.

And who the hell wouldn't want to go to a school where you learned how to be a mercenary? That would freakin' rock!

It's clear, though, that you only know a little about the game, as a whole. So I can't really be mad. Not really...

I'm friggin pissed! How dare you spout a bunch of nonsense about a game when even YOU know you didn't understand it??

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Inception2843d ago

Judging by u'r comment, you never played Type-0 demo or even have a PSP -_-

Begone troll!

RedDead2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Please, so they should have just ditched everything and remade it on Psv? Just release the damn game, it's about as good as a Psp game could be. It's like saying Shadow of the collosus was a disappointment because they didn't wait a year for the Ps3 to be released(and therefore remake the entire game completely wasting their resources)

I liked the demo too, surprisingly bloody and stuff...Chocobo lying there in a pool of blood :'(

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