Mortal Kombat Closes In On 3M Sold Worldwide

Latest Mortal Kombat game on track to be the best selling fighter of 2011.

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Septic2842d ago

And deservedly so.

Excellent game that has created a benchmark for the Mortal Kombat series.

AntoineDcoolette2842d ago

Aye, Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever. My friends and I are always playing it when we chill. The return to a 2D fighting field was essential!

Darth Stewie2842d ago

Best Fighting game this gen Hands Down unlike the crapcom incomplete fighting games.

Fishy Fingers2842d ago

It's great, but even with the Capcom crap, I think SF is better. MK is pretty cheap, especially online and the x-ray moves are like specials for noobs, they also get a little tiresome after you've seen them 100 times.

Really liked the story mode though, and the games packed with features.

candystop2842d ago

Loving the game but wish they never added the xray crap and cheap combos.

iamgoatman2842d ago

Don't really see how X-rays are any different to ultra or super Combos in SF4, even though in MK x-rays only take 2 button presses, ultras aren't exactly complicated either. As long as you know how to block and use breakers they aren't really much of a problem.

I do agree however that it can be cheap at times, particularly when it comes to certain characters special moves, like Kung Lao's spin is hard to punish etc.

Prototype2842d ago

If this was the 90's I'd argue why SF was better than MK (although I liked both games); however now its up in the air with how Scamcom has been lately.

At this moment I vote MK; if Scamcom goes back to its 90's roots then I'd go back to full SF mode

Lord_Sloth2842d ago

Can people not promote their franchise without knocking the competition? That screams of insecurities.

Also, I give best fighting game of this gen to BlazBlue. I love most fighting games though. This includes MK, SF, MvC, CvS, BB, GG, Bushido Blade, Evil Zone, Destrega, Ehrgeiz, and a number of others.

Stop being such a fanboy and appreciate that 1. MK is NOT The deepest fighter around and 2. That you don't have to knock another franchise just to promote your own.

Farsendor12842d ago

wish this would come to pc so i could have a chance to play it.

Venox20082842d ago

buy a console, it doesn't cost like a cow ^^ :)

Boody-Bandit2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I have SSFAE for the 360, PS3 and PC. On the PC I can turn the max settings to the hilt and run the game at an average frame rate of 230 and there is no loading at all.

That is why you purchase a PC if you are a hardcore gamer.

I cant even begin to image how fast and furious MK9 would be on the PC. MK9, like SSFAE, I have for both the 360 and PS3 but would kill to get it for my PC.

The best of all worlds.

Venox20082842d ago


I don't think that if you have a PC and max your settings + lot's of fps'es and more means that you are 'hardcore gamer'.. I think you are more graphics and frames per second lover :)

..for me there's a term gamer only.. it's people that like to play games, not barbie or other casual stuff... no matter on what console or system they play


Raven_Nomad2842d ago

It's a solid game, not sure if this game counts as a reboot or not, but they did an excellent job with it.

Pozzle2842d ago

Eh. I'd consider it a sequel tbh, since it doesn't completely eliminate the previous games' stories.


nah...its a fighting game. the story is just a retelling of the first 3 games, but other than that, nothing at all is really similar between mk 9 and the other MKs. so i mean does it really count as a reboot?

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