DOTA 2 Image and Concept Art

Dota-Two: Hey everyone! We have some great news for you! Leaked Official Image, Kunkka's new Concept Art for DOTA 2 and a status update on GamesCom!

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TenSteps3081d ago

It's been a while since I last played DotA. I'm loving the new Tidehunter look, and the one in the middle by any chance could that be Dark Seer.

I used to main that guy.

meetajhu3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

In the middle its Dark Terror - Faceless void. And thats not tide hunter its Tiny. @below Its Sladar!

TenSteps3080d ago

I thought the one to Tiny's left was Tidehunter

TenSteps3080d ago

I still think it's Tidehunter, Sladar has a 2-handed trident whereas Tidehunter one hands an anchor.

And although I am aware that's not an anchor it's not a trident either. Plus Sladar is scaly whereas tidehunter fits the skin style of the one in the pic more.

malol3080d ago

cant wait
i just hope this is more fast paced since both LoL and HoN feel a bit slow
or idk maybe its just me

grailly3080d ago

yeah, it's the main reason I couldn't get into them, other than the "stun" mechanic. anybody else thinks that removing control from the player is dumb? it's not as if he could do anything else

TenSteps3077d ago

Just to waste my last bubble but I knew it was Tidehunter.