Game Movie Director’s Theory On why Game Movies Stink

Some video game movies are...OK. Most are terrible. Why is that? Allow a guy who makes video game movies for a living (try and) explain.

Paul W.S. Anderson has been involved with every Resident Evil movie since the first one all the way back in 2002, and thinks the reason most game adaptations suck is simple: a lack of knowledge.

"A lot of video game movies are made by directors who don't know the video games they are based on from a hole in the head", he told MCV. "They don't do justice to the games, they don't immerse themselves in the games, they don't understand what people liked from the games. And that is the wrong approach and clearly those movies don't work."

"You can fool people once, you know. I was excited to see the Tomb Raider movie the first time it came out. I saw it, it wasn't very good, I wasn't very excited to go and see the second film. I think with Resident Evil it is very telling that each movie has done better than the one before."

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Pozzle3080d ago

It's strange that Paul Anderson created what is mostly considered by fans as one of the worst game-to-movie adaptations of all time (Resident Evil movies), but he also created what is considered by fans one of the best game-to-movies (the first Mortal Kombat movie).

thrasherv33080d ago

I actually enjoyed the Resident Evil movies(for the most part.) They are not as good as the games but good none the less. Far Cry on the other comical to say the least. But I don't think it was intended to make me laugh.

Hozi893071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Okay for people who do not know...Game to movies such as Far Cry, Alone in the Dark, Blood Rayne 1 and 2, House of the Dead, and some others are by far the worst games made movies. Never trust the man named Uwe Boll to make a movie outta a beloved game, he'll butcher it.

With that said. I think that some games made movies are acceptable. The MK series was good for it's time. Prince of Persia, Silent Hill, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and some others I can't think of right now...they were all descent compared to Uwe Boll's movies.

What Directors and producers for these types of movies need is to first sit down and play every game in the series from beginning to end. I specifically remembered that the maker of the Resident Evil films said he didn't play the games before the last RE movie came out. Then they need to stop adding so much realism to these movies that should be about letting go and having fun like their videogame counterpart. when they make the game characters so human like it's like we're not seeing the hero of our game anymore. Instead he's just a normal man. wtf man?

I think a great example of this is with the prince in Prince of Persia. He acted just like the prince from the game. In terms of running and flipping around the rooftops and Hitman acted like his game counterpart fairly well.

potedude3080d ago

The first resident evil movie was awesome! The rest, not so good. Passable though. Mortal Kombat was sick too.

Worst ever has to be Street Fighter. That movie was appalling...

Rainstorm813079d ago

I think Double Dragon and Super Mario Bros are up there in the ranking with Street Fighter as the worst video game movies.......Oh and any Uwe Boll game movie...... All are horrible

morganfell3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Most game movies stink for one simple reason.

The studios see a promising video game property. The first thing they do is rip out the soul of what made the game great in the first place. Then, when the movie inevitably fails, they decry the use of video games as source material.

There is a reason to pay homage to gamers when using a title they love. Gamers understand what makes the title click, what makes it worthy of a screen treatment in the first place.

Most producers and directors that attempt game to movie translations are like rude travelers that visit another country, neither speaking or understanding the customs. Nor do they attempt to do so. In fact they seem to go out of their way to offend.

Why use a game for source material if your first act is to alter it until it is in an unrecognizable state? Of course game developers themselves have lately taken this abhorrent path as well where sequels are concerned. Max Payne 3 and Prey 2 are examples of this form of idiocy.

Until recently, Uncharted was headed down this road with a director and lead actor, both acknowledging having not played the games. Thankfully providence and common sense have prevailed.

It took Hollywood a long time to learn this lesson as regards comic book based IPs. They are taking just as long with game based IPs.

BrianC62343079d ago

I didn't go to the movies to see any Resident Evil movies but they were fine watching them on cable.

ATi_Elite3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

cause Hollywood completely ignores the whole premise and details of the game and they make movies without listening to the fans or the games Developers. They just make some crap and slap the game title on it and make some cash off of name recognition.

Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil were pretty good it's just that the RE sequels are just off in a different direction. Pretty good series but I'm sorry Apocalypse sucked ass. Max Payne was good except Marky Mark just sucked. Escape from city 17 a HL2 fan movie is pretty dam good.

Far Cry and Street Fighter are still the worse Video Game movies ever!!!

waiting on that Mass Effect movie and please don't screw it up!

Hozi893071d ago

I think the developers themselves should create the movies for their games. like Square-Enix and Namco Bandai.

Miths3079d ago

I'm a big fan of the RE movies (well, the second one was a bit of a letdown).
But then I've never spent much time playing any of the games (a few hours combined in 4 and 5 is all it amounts to), and I don't really need or expect more from an action movie than some good mindless fun and great SFX/CGI. Add a sexy, kickass heroine - or two - to the mix and we have a winner.

It also didn't hurt that RE: Afterlife remains the most impressive - though certainly not subtle - live action 3D showcase in my opinion (edging out Avatar). I was blown away at the cinema, and once more when I bought the 3D Blu-ray as one of the first things to test my new 3D TV with a couple of months ago.

Other video game adaptions I've enjoyed are Silent Hill (never played any of those games), Doom (yes, I know everyone else hated it) and even that recent low budget Red Faction TV movie :).

BrianC62343079d ago

I don't get why people think Resident Evil movies suck. They seem fine to me. Not quite like the games but the new games are nothing like the earlier games.

Kran3079d ago

Resident Evil movies arent THAT bad. The first one was great. The others.... meh.

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zerocrossing3080d ago

Is that guys comment ironic or just plain sad?

I liked the 1st RE movie the most, The latest one in 3D was pretty good, But c'mon its just not RE is it?

WhiteLightning3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Oh my god....does this guy really think he's doing "justice" to the fans, does this guy actually think his movies are good. I just can't beleive what I've just read.

"I think with Resident Evil it is very telling that each movie has done better than the one before.""

Just because it does better in sales dosen't mean it's "better". Each one got the worse, the only one I found decent was the first Resident evil then after it just got silly and went way off track in terms of sticking with the source material. RE Afterlife was even worse but only did well because of the "Avatar" tec that you used (even by telling people this in the trailer). Afterlife was like one giant slow down every fight she would slow down like 4-5 times.

I don't even think the guy is a gamer, I think when he's writting a script he looks on a wiki page and types up some of the stuff he see's. The guy thinks Resident Evil 5 is the best one in the series, clearly he hasn't played RE2 or even RE4. None of his games have any resemblance to the games so it really does tell you that because after MK he's became way too full of himself.

What I can't believe is that him and George Romero both handed scripts in to the studio for RE, Georges script surprisingly stuck to the source material more then Paul's, I'm sure you can read it online somewhere. It had the STARS team go to the mansion just like the first game's setting.

Paul...stand in front of a mirror, say what you've just said in this article and then listen to your own advice. All directors have to do is stick to the source material, is it that hard <sigh>

zerocrossing3080d ago

Could you imagine a movie which followed the plot of the first RE?, It would be awesome!.

Pozzle3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It's funny...the other day I was talking about the Resident Evil movies with a friend. She hasn't played any of the games and she assumed the movies followed the games' plots.

So I told her what the first game was about - That it's about a special forces team who goes to Raccoon Forest to investigate a series of cannibalistic murders; they get attacked and get split up when they take refuge in a mansion that is filled with zombies. So they force their way through the hoardes of zombies, searching for their lost teammates, and trying to find a safe way out of the mansion...uncovering the secret behind the zombies and the murders in the process.

By the time I got to the twist at the end (that their own team leader was behind everything and had lured them to the mansion with the plan to use them as test subjects against his zombie creations) my friend was like "Holy shit! Why didn't they make THAT into a movie?!!"

zerocrossing3080d ago


That's exactly the kind of response I'd imagine everyone would give. It then begs the question, Why? What was the point of taking a well established franchise with a great story, Interesting and unexpected plot twists and popular characters, Zombies! Then changing it beyond recognition!.

It seems like the director is just using the critical success of the RE franchise, as an excuse to make half arssed movies That have very little if anything at all to do with the games. And he doesn't even seem to know what the fans want, Take the latest movie for example the Zombies are being replaced by things that look like las plagas Ganados and Majini from RE 4 and 5, the lack of zombies is the fans biggest complaint.

Even working in popular characters such as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfeild, Claire Redfeild, Albert Wesker has been a complete failure, because the characters where so badly represented. I heard Leon will be in the next movie and I know without a doubt they will ruin him, which is a shame because Leon is one of my favourite characters.

Whitefox7893079d ago

Well just as WhiteLightning said above the George Romero script stayed closer to the actual source material to the first RE movie, I can also confirmed this since I read the script.

Another interesting fact is George Romero directed the Japanese Resident Evil 2 commerical

maniacmayhem3079d ago

Paul WS Anderson has taken the Resident Evil idea and made it his own. His movies only have characters from the game it shouldnt even be called Resident Evil.

BrianC62343079d ago

If you say that then RE4 and RE5 shouldn't be called RE either. Those two games are nothing like the first few.

SovereignSnaKe3079d ago

-UGH, i loved the first two and i can watch then beginning to end even though i do own the DVD, then the third, which was eh... but watchable, i really did not like the 4th installment and now five has been green lighted... i will probably give this one the benefit of the doubt, but just drop the 3D and give us some good old fashioned horror and Lighten up on the Green Screen/CGI will ya Anderson! :)

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