First Pic Of Daniel Bryan In WWE '12

The first in-game screenshot of Daniel Bryan has been shared online. It clearly shows he will be in WWE '12 complete with his devastating kicks.

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Sheddi2839d ago

haha love your comment
I've got no idea man :P

math2839d ago

omg omg i have been waiting sooooo long for this. /s

Mario4life2839d ago

one of the most liked and respected indy wrestler in the last 10 years, but eventually wwe signed him and he hasn't really done much other than win money in the band

TurismoGTR2839d ago

it;'s Daniel Bryan u nerd.

jbl3162839d ago

You might be surprised when I tell you but WWE is planning to make this guy the "World Heavyweight Champion" next year. That is not a joke.

thrashermario2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

that douche would kick your head off your body
he is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world so if i were you i would shut my mouth and he is trained in MMA to

SuperbVillain2839d ago

Sorry Rock/Stone Cold/Undertaker > this douche any day

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dizeestl2839d ago

who is this noname retard?

wwf stopped being cool about 12 years ago...

lashes2ashes2839d ago

and the fact that you give a shit if something is cool or not means you must be about 12 years old grow up. who fucking cares if something is cool or not.

dizeestl2839d ago

lashes2ashes u mad nerd?

go watch yer wrasssslin n beat it nerd