GB: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Preview

GB : Resistance has been a conflicted franchise, with a difference of opinion splintering the fanbase. Developer Insomniac has been pretty attentive to what the community wants, although, we know it is incredibly hard to satisfy all of them. That doesn’t mean Insomniac didn’t try, they did.

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olLANDSHARKlo3087d ago

Is this beta even working now, it's been 2 weeks. I think this goes to show how much better xbox live is over PSN. They can't even get a beta up and running right.

divideby03087d ago

reread what you just wrote....its lol funny

saying Live is better than PSN because of a beta

just embarrassed yourself...

do you even know what a beta is lol

and btw.. yes the patch worked and I was one of the lucky few who were in matchmaking, along with the glitches before they shut it down until the patch came out

Zechs343087d ago

Honestly, why even bother to give him an explanation? Like you said, he embarrassed himself :/

I am right there with you divide, I got into the Beta right away, played for a day, then the matchmaking broke down. Back up and running now!

finbars753087d ago

Yah really WTF does LIVE to PSN have anything to do with the beta?The beta got a new patch and unfortunately It is still broken.But from what I have played it's still a good MP no matter what and I do enjoy it a lot more then most MP when it does run smooth.

thehusbo3087d ago

U seriously just embaressed urself. try harder next time u try to troll...

Dayngls3087d ago

Not only can you not compare 2 online services by a beta expirence but thats what betas are for. Testing the game for bugs dumbass. Catch em and fix em now before the game releases. People need learn the difference between demo and beta.

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olLANDSHARKlo3087d ago

Uh guys the beta has to work for people to find bug and glitches, and sony cannot even get a beta to work, that's pathetic, 360 never took a beta offline for 2 weeks, but then again, 360 isn't hated so much that they have hackers wanting to hack their service like they did. Try to twist it so your not butthurt. Bottom line is, IF YOU CAN'T GET A BETA TO RUN, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT HAVING A ONLINE SERVICE.

Unicron3087d ago

Server load issues, and matchmaking code bugs ARE the "bugs and glitches" that a beta can look for dude, and have NOTHING to do with PSN.

so troll harder