Preview: Resistance 3 (VelocityGamer)

Running at a sub-HD resolution with a very brown colour palette, Resistance 3 is far from the most graphically appealing game. This has seemingly been the subject of most of the buzz surrounding the game, and it comes across as being a bit unfair. The series has never been a visual tour de force, but it more than makes up for that in other ways. Hit the link for all the details.

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ladybug73086d ago

The graphics look pretty good to me, of course it doesn’t match BF3 but for a console game it looks great.

beavis4play3086d ago

i wouldn't want it to look like BF3. every game has it's own art's what makes each one unique. i'm loving what i've seen from resistance and can't wait to play.
i've preordered resistance3 but am passing on both MW3 and BF3 - those "modern warfare" shooters have grown tiresome to me.
i'd like to think treyarch has seen the light too and will make a retail zombie game for their next project.

Miiikeyyy3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Stop talking about the brown colour pallet. Insomniac did that intentionally you know! It is an apocalyptic world, so brown suits it. Besides, there's other levels that have a much more diverse colour pallete.

On another note, saw some xbox fag on youtube say 'sub par game for a sub par console' - haha gtfo!

LawlessSXE3086d ago

From the preview:

"Resistance 3 appears to be taking things to a whole new level of bleakness. The dreary brown colour palette would normally draw fire from me, but here it fits in that it helps to establish that very depressing tone that the game is aiming for. Add in the story of humanity on the brink of eradication and even more overwhelming odds than what was faced in the previous game from a gameplay perspective, and it quickly helps to set the mood."

Did you actually read it, or only what was here on N4G?

Miiikeyyy3086d ago

My reply was to people complaining about the brown :) not to the guy from the article

LawlessSXE3086d ago

In which case, apologies. It simply seemed as though your comment was aimed at the preview... uh, preview, rather than others :) All good.

SamPao3086d ago

It creats an atmosphere yet unseen in a videogame