EA completes acquisition of PopCap

EA’s announced tonight that its completed the take over of PopCap Games. The news comes via way of a Form 8k the company has sent out. The buyout was announced last month, with EA buying PopCap for $750 million: $650 million in cash and $100 million in stock options. The pricetag could get as high as $1.3 billion, though. Find some analysis in the wake of the takeover from Nathan here.

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ATi_Elite4195d ago

In the near future as soon as you pull up you gonna have 20 pop-ups of Popcap games.

you'll be asked if you wanna play Zuma while waiting for your credit card to be approve after a sale!

and for $9.99 you can have an active game of Bejeweled running in the area where your map is supposed to be in BF3 or play Plants vs. Zombies while waiting to spawn after a death.

You can laugh now but trust me this is where this is going!!