Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Preview, The Plot thickens

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune has been reviewed and all signs are pointing to it being a hit. The reviewer states "it promotes gaming as an interactive adventure and an art form, broadening what is possible on a gaming platform. For this alone it deserves acknowledgement, the fact that it controls so well and is very fun just compounds this to make it a great title in gaming history"

A interesting summary of the story line is discussed in this podcast, including a plot twist not otherwise revealed anywhere else. But fear not the podcast doesn't reveal spoilers or key plot points, but more tasty morsels to arouse further interest in Naughty Dogs upcoming title.
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Apoligies, I accidentally 'tagged' this 360. Sorry, my mistake, ps3 only

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ATLRoAcH3997d ago going to be a Playstation classic.

sonarus3997d ago

i really really hope uncharted gets high reviews cus anything less than 9.0 on megacritic would be a shame. The game is actually better than i thought it would be and i thought it would be great

wil4hire3997d ago

look at Ratchet & Clanks score..
It records Game Revolutions "B" as a 75%.. just the amount to take it down to 89%.. is more accurate.

SparkyNZ3997d ago

spent alot of time with the demo now, I'm well and truely hooked.

ATLRoAcH3997d ago

That demo really justified just how great the game plays.I was in no way worried about the graphics and with what looks to be shaping up as a great story, I think this game will be perfect across the board.I've beat the demo on every difficulty and got the mechanics on lock for the full game.As fun as the Demo is to play over and over I think its going to have a great replay value on top of the rest of its greatness.

Bubble Buddy3997d ago

the demo's gay. its too short =P. i want this game but iunno bout the replay value

Danja3997d ago

you just owned urself...idiot..."the demo is too short" other words you haven't played the demo...

and this game will have alot of replay value...I think ND stated they have Mirror mode..which basically changes up everything in the game so on ur second time going through the game ur experience won't be the same.....tons of unlockables....also

Bubble Buddy3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

buddy, i loved the demo, i spent 10 minutes going in and out of the water. and i was being sarcastic >.<. so yeah, 3 disagrees...

EDIT: and dude, read carefully next time before you start your fanboyism.

Danja3997d ago

see I wasn't they only person who thought you were dssing the game..this is how you do it next time to get ur point across..!!

"the demo's gay. its too short" (sarcasm)..simple...

Almighty3997d ago

This game is going to be a flop exactly like Heavenly Sword.

HarryEtTubMan3997d ago

You mean like the 40% defective junkbox 180? This game is going to be killer.

Danja3997d ago

Heavenly Sword is almost a million seller worldwide....doesn't seem like a flop to me.

Why do you 360 fanboys think that NA is the only country that exist..??...

C_SoL3997d ago

its funny that you come in this post just to say something neg about, but it clearly shows that your interested about the game....Get the fu<k out XBOT.....

AnalFace3997d ago

Ohhhhh look... "Ignore" Done.

Baba19063997d ago

almight is a very sad boy. dont read hes posts. you wont get any smarter by doing it.

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ATLRoAcH3997d ago your own news and leave us alone.Haters.

supermandead6663997d ago

Because other than the Mass "BORING" Effect game the xbots got nothing else, come 08 sonyfan will use the "console with no game" against the xbots.

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