Analyst Expects 2.5 Million PS Vitas This Year, 5000 Yen Loss Per System

While Sony has yet to make public how many PlayStation Vita systems it plans on selling this year, SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Kazuharu Miura shared some forecasts today ...

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Misterhbk2842d ago

I can definitely see the Vita hitting that many this year in Japan. It's gonna be flying off the shelves over there. They truly love their handhelds.

showtimefolks2842d ago

just look at their price point of vita. If this was few years ago this thing would be selling for 399.

And i can't wait to pick up vita when it launches in the states i would go ahead and spend $50 extra to get the 3g edition.

let's hope fro great software support from both 1st and 3rd party developers.

miyamoto2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Dual Touch Screen
Dual Analog Sticks (with L3 and R3)
Dual Shoulder Triggers
Dual Cameras
Dual Microphones
Dual Stereo Speakers
Quad Core Processors
Organic Light Emitting Diode Screen
Custom Google Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich?)
Google Search
Skype Video Calling
Party Chat
PS3 & PSP Cross Platform Play
Remote Play 2.0
Cloud Saving
WiFi b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
USB 3.0
Augmented Reality Games
PSN Games
PS One Games
PSP Remaster Games
PS2 Remaster Games
PlayStation Suite Android Games
50 + Real Games in development
Google Apps
Video Player
MP3 Player
Sound Recorder

This baby is almost as good as a smart phone and a tablet!
Now all we need now are HDMI TV output or DLNA and we are all set!

Though considered a dedicated gaming device, its good to know that the PS Vita's usability does not rely on gaming alone but every other aspect of the digital lifestyle.

one2thr2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

And its a new family member to the playstation brand......
That list alone has more features than 2 too 3 tablets put together and on top of that, there are possible unknown features that might be added. To it via system update in the future...... Loco roco is going to look freckin sweet on that OLED screen!!!
Oh yeah it also has a "multi-purpose port" on it, that might just serve as a PSV unique HDMI or Video output thingy

Close_Second2842d ago


How long you been working for Sony?

Honestly, consumers who get excited about a features list need to take a step back and see things objectively. Its not just enough to put a tick in the box but its also about how well that feature has been implemented.

For instance Sony's PSP can boast a web browser. In reality the PSP's web browser is absolute $hit.

I will wait to see real reviews of the hardware and software and not rely on marketing to make my decision. However, a lack of built in storage and no word on video codec support almost put me right off the Vita at this stage.

newleaf2842d ago

Its not a case of people not believing sony learned anything from this gen, its a case of SONY fanboys not believing there was anything worth learning. But you are right, that smug arrogance has been wiped off of SONY's face and that pleases me

Arnon2842d ago

Yeah, that's nice... so what about the games?

Bull5hifT2841d ago

-I Want To Get Started Looking On what kind of Video Files it Plays, Does the Music have an Equalizer?, or Sound Crisp in Loud From The Speakers Built In?, can i View huge 12 MegaPixel Pictures In all There Glory and not get a Dumb Down Version?, Will This Have Cooler Music Visual Effects?, How Well Does The Internat Work? , Can i Play Flash Games off The Internet?, How Long Does The Battery Last?, Can I Use The Built in GPS as a TomTom, What Kind of Memory Stick Does it Use?, Whats The Biggest Size Stick i Can Afford?, How Responsive is this Touchscreen?, How Visible is the Screen OutDoors, Will the Sun Kill Pixels in Oled Screens? - Im an American , What Happens When i Import it From Japan? What are the Negatives apart from getting charged a little extra? , InLighten Me.... I see the OLED being very Power Efficient and the fact that no Disk are spinning this time... But Scarred cause my laptop running PS3 graffix dies after 1 hr 30 Minutes

Arnon2840d ago

Okay so judging from my disagrees, no one actually cares about the games or for that matter, even PLAYING this thing? You're all buying it for the hardware and I assume you'll just sit it on your desk and stare at it?


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guitarded772842d ago

Anyone know if this thing will be region free?

ChiVoLok02842d ago

Yeah, except I heard the O button and the X button are swapped.

guitarded772842d ago

You're kidding... right?

colonel1792842d ago

In Japan it has always been like that. The action button is O while the back button is X.

What is weird, is that friend has a Japanese PS3, and even when playing american games, they are swapped.

guitarded772842d ago

Thank's guys... bubs for helpful.

I think I'll wait for it to release in the US. Don't want to be fumbling with the buttons, especially since some games will be playable on PSV and PS3... I'd hate to have to switch play style between hardware.

ChiVoLok02842d ago

I thought I heard that but I know for sure its region free. I would google it now that I think about it. Tell me what you find and ill tell you what I find if I can edit this comment afterwords.

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ChiVoLok02842d ago

Yea I can agree to that. Still wish the Vita would have R2 and L2 buttons, would be happier if they could add R3 and L3 buttons but R2 and L2 are needed.

HannibalBarca2842d ago

The rear touchpad can be used as a L2 and R2.

mttrackmaster382842d ago

They do have l3 r3 buttons. Go watch the modnation racers vita demo. In the map creator on the bottom of the screen there's an l3 prompt.

saladthieves2842d ago

2.5 Million...I'm going to participate on that number.

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firemassacre2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

vitas perfect for me because im going for seals training soon and i would like to carry this along. doubt they would let me, but still.

yea, here is an old pic of me back in 1999 in the army, tuff stuff.

fluffydelusions2842d ago

Doubt it if it's thing like bootcamp. I knew someone who went into seals school

NukaCola2842d ago

If you have the strenght to hold a Vita in your hand after what BUDS will do to you, then god bless you bro. I am in the army and what I have done has taken a toll on my body, but living in the water for 6 thank you.

artsaber2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

You probably won't be thinking about a Vita once you hit BUDS training. But I tell you what, make it through BUDS and your PS Vita is on me.

I think a Vita would come in handy for entertainment in between whatever mission you may ensue. But you prove that you made it through BUDS, your Vita is on me.

And for those who think I am nuts, if he makes it through BUDS, he would've earned the Vita.

God bless the troops and God bless gamers. God bless gaming troops!

a_bro2842d ago

SEALS? that's brave bro. good luck.

Raider692842d ago

Dont worry about the Vita,because you will not have time to play it during the seals training.All your free time will be spent sleeping and getting energy for the next move.

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hiredhelp2842d ago

Wow is that really bf3 on vita waycool if it is. Why the disagree's on you guys.
Japs do love handheld.
Good luck with being a seal. wow top dog.

Brownghost2842d ago

dual analog sticks sold me and the release date game line up just seals the deal this is worth more than the 3ds day one for me

jujubee882842d ago

The hottest game coming out of E3 for the PS Vita was actually "Sound Shapes" and just recently NIS announced "Disgaea 3 Return" both of which are not high res but, still award winning and really fun games.

There will be AAA type-ish titles in there but, there is no invisible rule which states games like Sound Shapes can not live asside COD (or vica-versa). PS Vita is a game device and any genre or budget game is more than welcome to jump aboard whith the security for devs knowing people are going to buy it.

There is also the fact that people who make games actually want higher res environments to work in because it illustrates the world, characters, objects, etc in the intended manner. Low-Res would mean a lot of sacrifices and console/PC type high res would be harder to make as a game (from the ground up). We'll see.

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