Bond, Stop Trying To Make FPSes Fun Again!

DP:"Console shooters originated with one revolutionary title Golden Eye 007 for Nintendo 64.Golden Eye 007: Reloaded a re-imagined Golden Eye experience for modern day consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360."

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Rushing_Punch2843d ago

I don't think the game is going to be as great as you recall

morganfell2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

The problem is that it is only as good as I recall. Well part of the problem is the spiritual successor to Goldeneye, Cold Winter, really took Goldeneye gameplay to the next level.

I bought the Wii version of Goldeneye when it came out and Cold Winter buried it. It's as if they took steps backward to Goldeneye.

There is preserving the heritage and then there is just making a really bad game with outdated mechanics.

Pedobear2843d ago

Goldeneye is just too epic to remake properly. Best just to leave what is left of its good name intact since the Wii has already harmed it enough. No Pierce=No bond game.

JuLiAn18D72843d ago

I like bond games... What's wrong with them?

JuLiAn18D72843d ago

btw... Daniel Craig is the best Bond EVER. If you guys knew anything about bond (read the actual books) Craig plays it truest.

maxmill2843d ago

sean connery then daniel

Shackdaddy8362843d ago

Sean Connery will always be the best bond. Just watch Dr. No, From Russia With Love, or Goldfinger.

I will admit Daniel Craig is good though. He made Casino Royale at least a little bit interesting which David Niven (in the first Casino Royale) failed to do.

Hicken2843d ago

Sorry, but I'm partial to Roger Moore. Connery is cool, though.

Apparently, Craig is supposed to be the raw, unrefined Bond that existed early in his spying days, while the others represented the more smooth, debonair ladykiller he eventually became.

MeanOldman2843d ago

bond was ever a debonair lady killer. read teh books. especially the spy who loved me an there isnt no submariens in the book. its the one original bond book that gets told from a different perspective. its a woman travelin down through the poconos on a scooter when she gets tangled with the mob. a guy stayin in the same resort cabins saves her. its bond and you get a good look at him. bond was always a very raw no gadget guy.

Solid_Snake-2843d ago

read a few of flemings books an still connery is the best for the movies.

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