What Is the Wii's Most Played FPS?

"Now, nearly 5 years into the Wii's life-cycle the system has seen a decent number of FPS games released for it, some with local multi-player, some with online multi-player, and some just single-player.

The Wii has more than twenty games in the FPS genre, but which FPS game is the Wii's most played per player? Let's take a look!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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DragonKnight3078d ago

Who cares? FPS' suck anyway.

KingSlayer3078d ago

Not all man. Singularity was fantastic. Not on the Wii of course, but fantastic nonetheless.

jony_dols3078d ago

Yeah FPS's like Bioshock, Half Life, Deus Ex, Fallout 3, Battlefield ect. all suck.


DragonKnight3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

jony_dols: yep, they sure do. and nice job including hybrids. *rolls eyes*

For the few FPS' that try something unique and aren't the same "aim and shoot" games with different settings, there are hundreds of mundane, "please shoot me because this is just the same crap" shooters out there. And the FPS view is so damn narrow and unrealistic. I don't know about you, but I don't see in such a confined way, my vision isn't as restrictive as that.

@KingSlayer: I'm just not a fan of shooters, I used to be a long time ago, but I got tired of the over saturation and just got tired of the same boring stuff. It's just me though. But seriously, who cares about Wii FPS'? The console isn't exactly about the more adult genres.

zireno3078d ago


come on man, complaining about the "confined view" of FPS ?!! so a plumber that eats mushrooms, throws fire balls, and rescue a princes from a giant turtle is cool but not the "confined view" on a FPS?!! and yeah, I know you will say something like, I don't like mario games, so pleas tell me what games you like so I can tell you about the ridiculousness in those games.

jony_dols3078d ago

@Dragonslayer: COD games have RPG-like upgrade systems in MP, is that a 'hybrid' FPS then? In Resident Evil 5 weapon upgrades are important for player progression, does that make it a RPG 'hybrid' then, instead of a 3rd Person Shooter?

If a game is played in the first person view & if the player is capable of firing weapons, then it's a f*cking F.P.S - First Person Shooter, simple as.

DragonKnight3078d ago

@zireno: What the hell does that have to do with anything? Unlike the ridiculous example you tried to pass off, a confined view is a lot more important to a person's ability to play a game than everything you just said. That was the most ridiculous example I've ever heard in life. Wow.

@jony_dols: What's your point? Just because they have slight RPG elements doesn't mean they don't suck. Especially CoD and RE5. That you would even bring up those two games shows your lack of taste. To each his own I suppose.

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DrRichtofen3078d ago

Are you telling me you hate CoD4, WaW, MW2, and Blops? OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYY.............. /s

TXIDarkAvenger3078d ago

Hope you know that CoD isn't the whole FPS genre...

DragonKnight3078d ago

Of course it's not, no one said it was.

StarWolf3078d ago

FPS ONLINE games suck . Single player focused FPS games are still good.

BlitzAK3078d ago

CoD isnt the whole FPS genre you do know.

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DeadlyFire3078d ago

Um.. Well considering the number of Wii FPS games. I see only 4 major ones on the Wii. Conduit, Red Steel, Call of Duty, and Goldeneye. Can't really think of many others.

3078d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada3077d ago

I honestly thought The Conduit or Red Steel II would be here somewhere.

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