Which Will Be Better? Deus Ex: Human Revolution vs. Dishonored

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, players’ choices will have a significant influence over the story; Dishonored will likely be no different. The freedom of choice both games will offer – both in terms of choices and consequences and plot progression – are also indicative of an RPG experience.

Also, both games incorporate character upgrade systems. In Dishonored, you’re expanding your arsenal of supernatural powers and other abilities. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you’re using cybernetics to turn Adam Jensen into a meaner, more efficient killing machine.

The question is: which game will ultimately be better and why?

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Hellsvacancy3080d ago

Deus Ex!!!! too stoned to explain why, time to go bed wooty wooot

fluffydelusions3080d ago

Agreed. Long time fan of the series.

Godchild10203080d ago

I think this article is stupid. How can we really compare the two when there is not enough info nor gameplay on Dishonered?

I know I will be picking up Deus Ex day one and that is all I can talk about lately. While on the other hand Dishonered looks interest and sounds interesting, I'm just not looking forward to it (that will change as the release comes around).

ATi_Elite3080d ago

Totally agree...STUPID article!

We know very little about Dishonored as compared to the hours of game play video i've seen of Deus ex:HR.

this article is like comparing the graphics of UC2 to Agent!

UC2 = we all have seen it or played it
Agent = we have no clue as to what the game is about.

Urmomlol3080d ago

Gaming Irresponsibly is quickly becoming the new home for shit articles and lulz worthy jernalism.

jozzah3080d ago

Considering there is practically nothing on Dishonored........ I DON'T KNOW

TheOtherTheoG3080d ago

Well, not entirely true. We do know that the games is set in the 1800's in an industrial city called Dunwall, with a semi-cyberpunk artstyle, and that you play Corvo, a voiceless assassin with magical powers who has been framed for assassinating his employer, The Empress, and the main plot of the game is about exacting revenge on those who framed him. The game is similar to Deus Ex in that you can choose how you want to play the game, you can sneak around everyone and everything without engaging with them, or you can go in swords-blazing, or you can hack into things, or you can use your magical powers which mostly involve distracting or immoblizing the enemy rather than directly damage them, or you can do all of the above. One magical power involves sending a bunch of rats scuttling across the floor to distract your enemy, for example, one makes you invisible for a short period of time, one allows you to bend and even stop time, one allows you to stop time and move the enemy in front of his own bullet, killing themselves. It will be developed by Arkane Studios, with help from Half-Life 2's art director and Harvey Smith, who worked on Deus Ex.

There is quite a lot of stuff we know about Dishonoured, if you're prepared to look. Whether it will be better than Deus Ex HR, we'll have to see, but I'm definitely excited for both.

stevenhiggster3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Steam Punk, not Cyber Punk, just sayin ;-)

Anyone who's interested might wanna look here -

MrBeatdown3080d ago

Does it matter? Deus Ex looks great, and Dishonored sounds like it could be great. What's the point in declaring one better than the other?

yog-sothot3080d ago

I fully agree !

I am just glad to see that games of this genre are being made once again !

stevenhiggster3079d ago

I've already pre purchased Deus EX, and Dishonoured sounds awesome too.
Too many crap articles these days on why X is better than Y, why is it wrong to like both?

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