Three Reasons You Should NOT Pass on Battlefield 3

Button Combo Writes: "This article is a direct reply to Planet Xbox’s quite frankly ridiculous three ‘reasons’ why you should avoid Battlefield 3. While some “journalists” are helping enlighten the gaming community why they shouldn’t play a great game, we would like to tell you why they are dead wrong."


While some journalists help enlighten gamers by giving them advice, news coverage and good content, Planet Xbox 360 does the opposite of that. Around 35 days ago they wrote an article saying "Five Reasons Battlefield 3 Will Trump Modern Warfare 3."

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Dart893086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

1.Been in develoment for several years.
2.I don't have to worry about snot nose little kids dropping the f and n word like it's a hot potato.
3.Looks like a game from 2011 not 2007-_-.

My main reason it has dinosaurs :D.

@Below " I can't put my finger on why, because it doesn't do anything completely new and genre changing."

Come on man it adds dinosaurs no other FPS has done that xDD.

beastgamer3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

its all about money, greed, forcing you to pay 60 for one game, denying anyone that can't afford it, making you suffer when your tired of the game and no one wants to buy it used off of you, corporations having more money than the government cough*Apple*cough* MS forcing us to pay for their services while Sony PS Plus is building features you would like free (auto-Trophy) sync, but then again we still pay for an online pass! Forcing us cheap and poor to pay what the rich does, mainly in an economy like this.
Excuses: We need to pay for severs. BS, EA with your Billions of dollars. I was hoping for Battlefield 3 from Dice, no EA but then again you lock steam out to support yourself with origin installed on everyone's computers just to get hits, and even since Activison doesn't do that shit with COD, they just event their copy and paste for you to pay up each f***ing year.
Hey, your gonna buy all 4 Black Ops map packs, well, you just paid 60 dollars bitch, for something that should of been in the final game.
This is why my money is going to one game
"Deus Ex Human Revolution" Reveal the conspiracy!

Xenial3086d ago

Interesting stuff said. I agree.

MsclMexican3086d ago

PlanetXbox360 is the ultimate troll site, I mean here are some of their articles

5 reasons to buy Gears of War3 over Uncharted 3
3 reasons why Mass Effect 3 sucks
Why Battlefield 3 will be better than MW3
Why not to buy Battlefield 3

Seriously, the only reason they make money is because they awaken the fanboy in all of us.

Those dirty SOB's

darksied3086d ago

Look man, here's the thing. You can moan and complain about money and prices all you want, but this is a capitalist society, it's going to be like this forever, and probably will only get worse.

Now, OF COURSE game companies want to make money. I'm not going to defend Activision, because I don't agree with them milking a franchise like they do with CoD, but I see your point about games being expensive and online passes costing a lot. BUT there are alternatives. Really, just think about it. You said the "cheap and poor" (which I could make a lot of comments about, but I'll skip it); ok, if you're cheap (which I am quite a lot myself) and poor, but there's many options.

Namely, WAIT. WAIT for the price to drop. Bad Company 2's price is like $5 on sale like every other week and that's for the whole game, no used piece of crap that Gamestop will sell. The price of Battlefield 3, especially digital copies, will drop a lot eventually, and there will still be tons of people playing. If you're truly cheap and poor, then wait for it then and save your money. That way you can afford like 5 games for the same price as it costs for one $60 game.

And if you're truly cheap, there's STILL other ways you can save. Don't buy it from a walk-in retailer like gamestop, watch online for the best deals and buy it there. Deus Ex, I recently saw a pre-order for it for about $38 shipped from newegg, which is pretty amazing.

If you really don't have much money or have to choose between a game NOW, you either have to do exactly that (choose 1 game) or you can wait and pick them all up when they're cheaper. That way you don't have to worry about used games and online passes, and you can still enjoy them. It helps if you've been doing this for a while, then you have a backlog of games that you can play until these games go down in price.

Pl4sm43086d ago

ok someone should hunt down the writers of planet xbox .... they are an abomination of society

cyguration3085d ago

Project Blackout has Dinosaurs, too. Just saying.

vglulz3086d ago

Battlefield 3 feels like a breath of fresh air.

I can't put my finger on why, because it doesn't do anything completely new and genre changing.

Elwenil3086d ago

For me, it's the hope that BF3 will bring back a little "seriousness" to military shooters. I had hours of fun with BF2 on the PC and even more fun down the road with the Project Reality mod for BF2 and I'm hoping BF3 will bring some of that fun back. I know a lot of people love crazy action shooters with all kinds of outrageous stuff going on but I think it's gotten a little out of hand. I'm looking for a military experience that is more of a team based experience to play with friends and less of a Michael Bay movie. I don't have a big problem with CoD, Brink, Bulletstorm or other over the top shooters but I much prefer something a little more realistic and that has enough options available in the gameplay to allow for some "real world" tactics and strategy with infantry, armor and aircraft. That's why BF3 seems to be a breath of fresh air to me, though others will certainly disagree.

cyguration3085d ago

Complete environmental destruction is nothing new? Realistic squad-based reactions, animations, gun-based physics and real-to-life vehicular mechanics are nothing new?

I can't think of a game out there where you can get rid of a sniper by completely leveling the entire floor he's on. If that's not genre changing I don't know what is.

iamnsuperman3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

You do realise you have sunk as low as planet xbox's article buy replying to it especially in the way you have done it

Grandclover3086d ago

lol did you actual read it, i thought he was alot nicer then alot of gamers would be at a tastless attack on a Xbox site that is endorsing it for console sake. That is MS for you do whats best for profit not whats best for gamers.

ashbc3086d ago

As an owner of the all the previous MW games I gotta say they haven't impressed me yet.

ape0073086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

im a huge call of duty fan, hell even before activision form IW in 2002\2003(members worked with EA on MOH), i loved the MOH games, especially MOH: frontline on PS2

Im definitely gonna get MW3 and I cannot wait for BF3, i loved bad company 2 so much, the gameplay is unlimited and delicious, no way im passing on BF3

slaton243086d ago

i noticed one thing...activision is screwing up thing that could help is to have dedicated servers and oh and to treat all gamers equal...if activision hates ps3 so much y not just become a microsoft slave....we dont get nothing special from activision...atleast when EA does stuff its for both systems like a free battlefield 3 beta from MoH and free battlefield 1943

Bladesfist3086d ago

Activision screw us pc gamers more. But yer it sucks

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