This week’s best free PC games

This week’s big free release sees you being killed by an enormous asteroid. But then it develops into a surprisingly complex game about life and death. It’s an ambitious title made for Channel 4, and while it has its problems, it’s well worth experiencing. Also this week: low-def survival horror, a nude man searching for his apparently kidnapped girlfriend, and Prime Minister David Cameron going completely bonkers with legal reform. Read on, humans.

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Solid_Snake-3081d ago

love how the word FREE goes with PC gaming a lot these days.


Mario4life3081d ago

Just downloaded cavy story, yea it old, but it is pretty awesome :)

Nolando3081d ago

Been playing Wolf Team the last few days... AWESOME :D

TABSF3081d ago

Free to Play

They're the best model for gamers and publisher/developers.
If the content is there and the game is good.

Micro-transactions and in game advertisement.

That being said, I'm still happy to shell out £30-£40 for Skyrim and Batman.

yamzilla3081d ago

Dragon nest is kinda cool....just downloaded it last night, has a vindictus type feel (also an awesome game)

I have severe game ADHD, so free to plays are great for me, i get all the excitement of a new game and then when i am bored with it in 20 min. my wife is not mad at me for letting it sit on the shelf:)

everyone wins!

Very few games are able to captivate me into 20-30 hours of playtime

the last few were

demons souls
dead space 2
the witcher 2
starcraft 2 (i have like 600 hours in that game i imagine)