IGN - Life After Infamous

IGN - Sony owns Sucker Punch, so what should the developer do next?

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ilikegam3s3086d ago

Makes sense to have infamous 3, cos leaving it at 2 seems kind of stupid imo.
But still will be looking forward to whatever they make :D

NegativeCreep4273086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

After that, well, it is obvious that Sucker Punch is on to Sly Cooper 4...but even after that...well I hope that they can evolve and transcend genres like Naughty Dog.

Spenok3086d ago

The only problem is how 2 ended. Im not going to ruin it just in case you havent played it. But both endings kind of leave it to where a sequal would be rather difficult.

Either way i would like an Infamous 3. And im sure there could pull something out of their asses and make it work. This Dev team rocks.

ilikegam3s3085d ago

Oh really. Yeah I havent played infamous 1 or 2 (only the demo, so far its mean) thanks for not ruining it, even though i wouldnt mind :D

Spenok3084d ago

Yeah no problem man. I hate it when people ruin games or movies like that, so i try to stay spolier free.

And DAMN man, get on that. These games were awesome.

manman63086d ago

Sucker Punch should create a IP for the PS3 and make another Infamous for the PS4.

jwk943086d ago

what this man said! or they could just devote their time to helping out with sly 4. or maybe they could take on the mantle of jak 4 from ND since they're both 1st party studios they might be able to negotiate something.

ChiVoLok03086d ago

No I don't trust Sucker Punch with Naughty Dog games heck I don't even like Infamous just Sly.

I can hear disagrees coming...

blumatt3086d ago

It doesn't matter a whole lot what they make because we know it'll be quality. They're a great studio and now they have Sony's money backing them up. It'll be good to see what they make for the PS3 and the PS4. Gathering up quality studios and making them exclusive guarantees a slew of awesome games for your consoles. Good approach, Sony. (Nintendo also follows this method (although they don't buy as many as Sony.))

GTRrocker3086d ago

I'd like to see a new franchise. They will probably do another sly or Infamous game though. That is their bread and butter.

theunleashed643086d ago

action/RPG, character customization, powers/unique abilities, fantasy artstyle/atmosphere. ps3 needs more action roleplaying games and one under development by the team behind sly cooper and infamous would be awesome.

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