IGN - DC Universe Online: PC vs. PS3 Debate

IGN - DC Universe Online has been all over the map since it released in January. The game sold out in a lot of locations, tons of people were playing, bugs started cropping up, people left, and then SOE got hacked and was offline for a long time. On top of that, there have been a bunch of game updates since its launch; the latest being the Fortress of Solitude, Superman's arctic base.

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TABSF2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

By the sounds of it

PC gamers want MMO quests/raids to be almost impossible and to take several hours.
PS3 gamers want MMO quests/raids to be over fast to get the loot.

PC gamers, want a extreme challenge.
PS3 gamers, want to rush onto the next one.

Sounds to me that PS3 gamer can't wait to finish the game, where as the PC gamer really want to enjoy every experience.

Shows why MMOs really don't work on consoles, they seem to just rush through their games, its like they want everything spoon feed. Its like console gamers get bored of their games faster.
MMOs are meant to be about the huge community and enjoying the content of the game, making it your own experience.

Its no wonder why this game has all but died, well considering MMOs like LOL and CO offer the same if not better experiences for free.

League of Legends and Champions Online have been out longer, they're free, much more original and have larger communities.

SilentNegotiator2843d ago

I'll take something sort of in-between. I like a challenge, but superheroes need to be exciting.

I mean, come on, WoW-ish combat for Super-Heroes? I want to do some extreme stuff, not press [___] to make Superman punch.

And that really has nothing to do with PC vs Console. It has to do with some of the most exciting material being turned into something slow and a bit too methodical.

Don't turn superman into a mage, or Banjo into a race-car driver, or Mario into an ACTUAL plumber.

blumatt2843d ago

I'm glad Sony is trying to get more and more MMOs on the PS3. And I'm also glad they're making them cross platform with the PC. It doesn't get much better than that, really. DC Universe Online is a great game. I wish more people would give it a chance.

Micro_Sony2843d ago

If they make a Marvel MMO I am in day one.

DC is ok but like to play it safe and play the school boy while Marvel are more risk takers and some times have that [email protected]#k the world attitude.

yamzilla2843d ago

game is a disaster, it does not even compare to free to play games like lotro, d and d online, age of conan, champions online. all the aforementioned look, play and control better. On pc at least.

and the ps3 version is even more of a catastrophe

gmoney05052843d ago

I wish more people would give it a chance too. Alot of people are just going off what they hear and not what they play. DC Universe is a good game. Alot of people play the game and the game is nowhere near dead. The guy in the article hearing FOS is easy and complete in a day does not mean that Bat Cave 1, 2, and 3 are easy which they are not easy. One bad person in the group can mess it up for the team.

Plus IGN doesn't speak for me as I and alot of people in my league don't want the same things he wants in the game. He is the player that plays once every couple of months and don't bother with it. Group chat has worked for a long time. It's not working now because some of the bugs in the mega servers.

Not alot of people is giving SOE the props for making a very large scale game on the PS3 and making it work as good as it is over the last couple of months. They are working with limited hardware on the PS3 and are doing a great job with it.

It seems since the 2 most hated companies in the world (Sony & DC) joined together and made a game, people are trying to through this game under the rug.