GamesRadar - Ico HD vs PS2 side-by-side video comparison

GamesRadar - Having only briefly played the Ico vs Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection this year at E3, it wasn’t so easy to see just how drastic an upgrade it's recieving on PS3 later this year. Clearly, it’s not a game of the "current-gen," and since playing it in 2001 is all but a distant memory, it’s somewhat difficult to immediately perceive what’s been improved, and by how much.

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stonecold32842d ago

i will be getting this on ps3 since i didnt get it on ps2 but the ps2 version look good as well?

malol2842d ago

when is this coming out ?

christheredhead2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

i think it drops around mid september. basically like a month from now, give or take.

jc485732842d ago

Keep in mind that people who already own the games will most likely purchase the HD collection.

TBM2842d ago

i will most definitely, and i still have my original copies of both games for PS2.

miyamoto2842d ago

Was not able to play these before so I will be getting this one for sure!

DrRichtofen2842d ago

Sad to say I didn't even know about these games until I heard about the Last Guardian.

Spenok2842d ago

That is sad. Well. Its a good thing you know about them now. These are some of the best games last generation had to offer. And now that they will soon be available for PS3 there is no reason to miss out.

SammyboyZ2842d ago

Some of the most unique and mesmerising experiences there has been

Inception2842d ago

Well, it better be late than never, right? :D

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