The Swiss Police Want To Ban The Darkness II

GameBlurb, "It seems that the Swiss Police are a bit upset with the portrayal of police officers in Digital Extreme’s upcoming game, The Darkness II."

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Yi-Long3079d ago

... instead of limiting them!?

Baka-akaB3079d ago

seems like "you have the right to remain silent , everything you say will be held accountable " with them

Megaton3079d ago

My buddy's had extensive time with this game, hearing nothing but good things.

Cereal3079d ago

Good things...

Such as seeing +10 pop up every time you eat a heart and get a kill in the game.

If anything the changes so far are terrible. It's not CoD so I shouldn't have points constantly popping up in my face in an attempt to give me a pat on the back. It's funny because they're trying to make the game heavy on the story but they're going to be distracting you and taking you away from the seriousness of it with all the stupid crap they added in the game.

grailly3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

yep, my country sucks...for video games at least

we pay 100 swiss francs for our games, look up the currency for your country, you won't believe it

Edit: I'm surprised they know about this game though, usually they wouldn't be aware of a game until it's already been on the market for a week. It makes me scared for future releases

Rashonality3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

OMG DUDE, i'm sorry you have to pay that much, and thinking i had it bad, nothing but respect for you my good friend.

BTW guys 100 francs is ~128$ US.

grailly3079d ago

wow, I knew the SF was comparatively high lately, but that high O_O, usually it's worth about 100$

Rashonality3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

well when i typed 100 Swiss francs it equaled 128$us, i live in Saudi Arabia and i usually buy games for about ~50$ and the like super illegal games here for 100$ if i wanted it early, games like God of War, Dante's Inferno and GTA, not to mention that we don't have laws that punish Copy rights violators, that means we have all sorts of pirated games and movie and everything.

Baka-akaB3079d ago

i feel for you , with the taxes and shipment costs we kinda pay the same price for games in in French Carribea .

GrumpyVeteran3079d ago

Its pretty bad in Australia. We have to pay like at least $79 for PC video games here, $99 if its a console. That's AUD. AUD and US dollar are like on parity, they get to pay $49 - $59.

Pikajew3079d ago

Glad I live in Canada. A country with no banned games

Dan503079d ago

An AO rating from the ESRB bans a game from Canada/Mexico and the USA.


I loved darkness 1, and i cant wait to play this one! Mafia games kick ass! I'm griped they postponed this game, but oh well cant wait to see it.