How to Max Out Your Ass-Kicking and Name-Taking

This article explains five different aspects of competitive shooters that most people don't consider, including how to understand ping/lag, strafing, and heat maps. It will make you rethink your next Call of Duty or Halo match.

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Kee3083d ago

Interesting, I did not know as much as this guy knows about ping.

ChiVoLok03083d ago

What about using the highest sensitivity? It helps me react slightly faster.

QuantumWake3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Playing with friends who have mics is important! It's almost impossible to win a MLG match when you're playing with a bunch of randoms... Especially when they don't have a mic. Muting the other team is also pretty helpful so you're not a victim of proximity chat.

Strafing is a big factor in Reach. Not strafing is pretty bad especially with an opponent who can 5 you with the DMR. I don't even want to talk about the amount of times I've been out-DMR.

Holeran3083d ago

Strafing is a huge factor in any fps I have ever played. If you don't strafe you are going to die twice as much as the people that do.