When Developers Go Too Far

TPV's Phil Writes: "I was scrolling through the internet today as per usual looking around for what was new in the gaming world. I come across a strange article titled ‘RAGE- New purchase incentive’. This article caught my eye as I had been literally drooling over the screen-shots and game-play footage that had been gradually drip fed by id’s PR and marketing department since early last year.

Despite doing a great job of the marketing, what hadn’t been mentioned quite as much was that the game was getting it’s own redeemable code that means that pre-owned copies of the game will not be getting everything there is to offer."

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hiredhelp2842d ago

Why do people insist this is to do with developers.
Its not its the bosses CEO's use the devs as a excuse. Because ive not heard from one average joe developer come out publicly stating there all for this second hand thing.
Why is that why they soo quiet never mention it.
Just think about that who pays the devs.