FN Podcast Episode 13- Don’t Stick Your #%!& in Crazy

NotFNcute writes: "*NSFW* On Episode 13 of the FN Podcast, FN Shorty, FN Pryde, and Jon Venture are back in form as they review the highly hyped horror puzzle-platformer Catherine and trailers for the upcoming geek films Knights of Badassdom and Tucker & Dale vs Evil. The FN Girls then take turns raging over the new Diablo 3 Auction House system, Nintendo not owning up to 3DS screen scratches, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. On Personal Space Invaders, the FN Girls advise Jon Venture about blind dating and discuss proper etiquette in a ménage a trios. Did we mention we’re not safe for work?"

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Hitman07693766d ago

Awww but I like sticking it in crazy things . lol jk.

Catherine is a unique game I have heard a lot of things about, mostly good! Can't wait to see what you guys think.


Catherine is a pretty solid game.