Death of the hardcore gamer

"Recent maneuvering by big players in the gaming arena looks like the hard-core gamer may soon be left out in the cold. Big gaming business is turning its focus to the casual and easily accessible demographic."

iTWire's Mike Bantick writes about how complex, hardcore PC games are becoming a niche market as game makers now favor simple, accessible pick-up-and-play titles that cater to the masses.

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wh0am14047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I don't think so.
When big companies can still milk their franchises for $60 per game.
I think the hardcore gamers are safe.

Though I admit i am a bit worried...just a little bit.

BrianC62344047d ago

I didn't bother reading the whole thing but that part about Sony even going more to casual gamers because they made the 40GB model PS3 with no backwards compatibility made no sense. That is the opposite in fact. It means they won't sell casual PS2 games to those people. Only PS3 games.

I disagree with all this casual gamer crap though. Casual gamers won't be enough to support the gaming industry. They won't buy many games. Hardcore gamers are the ones who keep the gaming industry going. We're the ones who buy a lot of games. There's room for casual games but it will end up a niche market for developers who don't want to spend millions to make a game.

DrPirate4047d ago

God of War 3, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gears of War 2, Alan Wake, Killzone 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Socom: Confrontation, Half-Life Episode 3, any others I'm missing? (Yes, I know most of these are Sony titles, but believe me, I'm not trying to push the system, if you know any 360/PC games coming out that are "HardCore", feel free to name them.)

The hardcore gamer has nothing to worry about for at least another year.

Where it goes after all the great franchises are terminated is anyone's guess.

MySwordIsHeavenly4047d ago

You're missing the most BA title!


You can NOT miss this game!

IntelligentAj4047d ago

I don't think this is true one bit. Also it wouldn't benefit the Developers either. Casual gamers play only so often and as such won't spend much money on games while hardcore gamers will spring for the games they want to play stockpiling them, therefore making the Dev's more money.

Proxy4047d ago

LOL, I agree, I'm not playing 60$ to get hangman on my cell phone. :(

Infact, any non-hardcore game isn't worth anything IMO, as you can get free games on the internet that are usually better if not the same as these "casual games."

BrianC62344047d ago

Have you played Everyday Shooter on the PS3? IF not, it's a great game and is a casual game. It was really cheap too. It is worth what it costs. I agree most casual games aren't worth anything but some are. Casual games has a place but they won't replace the big games. If they do the gaming industry will die.

Niclas4047d ago

Arvv .. it sucks .. suddenly we'll find ourselfs playing RE without blood effects, and Call of Mario 4: Modern Mushroms.. ;P

Jokes aside.. its going the wrong way, and it sucks..

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