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Best Ever Boss Battles

Megabits of Gaming writes: "There’s something majorly special about fighting your way through 15+ hours of a game, doing all the side quests, unlocking the best weapons and armour and finally taking on the final boss. While some games have a huge build up for a rather disappointing payoff, some leave a mark on you that endures, long after the boss is vanquished and turned to dust. To that end, here is our pick of the ten greatest boss battles."

Warning: Spoilers!

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Community2874d ago
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Reiko2874d ago

Agree that Vanquish should be there. But what about Glados???

nopunctuation2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

The wording of the title makes me angry for some reason.

Bonobo123452873d ago

Best Boss Battles Ever.
Is what I would have gone with....

LarVanian2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Chronos......that is all.

StrongMan2874d ago

Poseidon and Chronos from GOW3, Colossus of Rhodes from GOW2, and Aries from GOW1.

Storm232874d ago

And the Hydra from God of War 1. The way Kratos killed it was the coolest thing I had seen in a video game at the time. What a great series.

Bojeeva2873d ago

The GOW bosses were awesome - loved the scale of them - truly memorable!

firemassacre2874d ago

chronos.from god of war 3. that was soo dope!

WhiteLightning2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

1: Sephiroth/Final Fantasy 7 this just here because it's FF7 and everything even related to FF7 is "super duper awesome"

Let's be real once you knew your way round Sephiroth you knew what you had to do. I found it got easy after the first 4-5 times I lost...I know some people who found it quite easy after the first two trys...differen't people, differen't strategies I suppose.

The one I found hard....and remember this is your first time playing the game so you didn't know about getting 9999 health in the Junction system and didn't know about the Ultimate weapons....was Ultimecia in FF8, bad enough going through the castle finding and defeating 7 mini bosses (as each one got harder) to earn back your magic, items, save, gfs etc but that b*tch was hard to take down the first time you did it. You got to the point where you were like "Why won't you die"

Don't get me started on the Omega Weapon...

Hicken2874d ago

I beat Sephiroth on my FIRST try, at level 47. I beat Ultimecia on my FOURTH, after Phoenix showed up and brought my party back from the dead.

The hardest boss I ever fought in an RPG was Trema in X-2, especially since you fight him right after taking down Paragon; the best way to beat Paragon happens to be not suited for facing Trema, and the amount of time you have to change strategies is woefully limited.

Never beat his Unsent ass...

Marceles2874d ago

Sephiroth beaten first try on lvl 47? BS...I take it you found a strategy guide with Knights of the Round and Mime materia.

I got up to Sephiroth around that level without any help and he karate chopped the hell out of me with his wing, and then did his summon and it was over. You HAD to have had some kind of help to pull that off.

I wouldn't put the actual fight in the list, but the boss music was epic all by itself.

Hicken2874d ago

Never got any of that stuff, not even in subsequent playthroughs. Even to this day, I don't have a guide for VII, VIII, IX, or X, and didn't know of places like gamefaqs back then. It was just a little luck, a little skill, and probably a lack of intimidation: I didn't play it until 2001, and had played many an rpg by then. I liked VIII, so I figured I'd get the one before it.

There WAS a point in time where Cloud was frogged during the second part of the battle. It was actually the first time I'd been hit with it, and I had no clue what to do. I panicked a little, and don't remember exactly how I survived.

After beating the game, I used the same save file and decided to go do all the other stuff I was told about by my friends, like fighting Emerald and Ruby. I even went and got Yuffie and Vincent, though I was apparently too late to get Vincent's gun from his mother or something like that. Went back to face Sephiroth with everyone in the high 90s (97+) and got beat down.

insomnium22874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I still to this day can remember the sense of gratification and satisfaction when I beat Ultimecia. The first stages of the battle got me killed several times and just when I got that torso part of griever (I still remember her summon's name) destroyed I was like OMG this was great!....until I understood that it isn't over yet....The last form of Ultimecia I beat on the first try iirc. The battle went on for about an hour or so against the last form itself and oh boy when I saw it die there were no boudaries for my joy.

I lost so many spells (her ability to take your spells) that I started o think how on earth I can kill her with no magic. I believe it was meltdown that I was down to when I killed her finally. As you know probably meltdown isn't all that powerfull spell. Great times!

Jormungandr2873d ago

er... I beat him before breaking level 40.

I spend most of disk 2 and 3 running from the fights cause I was bored of them... wanted to see the story. Granted my boss strategies are killer and better than what you find in most strategy guides... but still.

Took me about 7-8 tries on Sephiroth. Now days... same level... I still get him first time every time with lots of room to spare. And if I get to him at level 99+ I can pretty much put a brick on the controller and leave the room.

And I did not have knights of the round or a mastered mime the first time I fought him.

And I typically don't use knights of the round on him. That just makes it cheesy easy.

bozebo2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Try not opening the lamp in FF8 till Squall is max lvl. THAT is a hard boss.

insomnium22874d ago

LOL I can figure it in my head. I always opened the lamp almost directly after getting it.

Jormungandr2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

you seem to be assuming hardest=best. And that there isn't a reason Final Fantasy 7 is treated as being "super duper awesome."

I disagree.

Surely difficulty is a factor in how good a boss is... but more important is persona. There are bosses so hard they made grown men cry and gave entire generations of children inferiority complexes. And those bosses are only remember by niche groups because they were just "that boss at the end of that game where you did that thing."

And Final Fantasy 7 is by no means perfect in any of it's incarnations... but the story line was superb and centered around the final boss. So beating the final boss was more than just winning a battle at the end. It was not just the culmination of the game but also the culmination of an epic story. This made it increasingly memorable and rewarding even if he wasn't that hard.

I honestly never did beat Ultimecia. I got to her. Fought her twice... and then said "meh... your no Sephiroth" and quit. To this day I have never made another attempt. This after spending two days trying to work out a reliable strategy to take down Ruby. Ultimecia was a forgettable enemy. I remember her hair more than I remember anything she said or did.

And honestly FF8 was so far below the bar set by FF7 I didn't even try to find all the hidden stuff like Omega. The game just couldn't hold my interest.

In fact... I haven't beaten a final fantasy game since. er... except 12. And Tactics. I've beaten 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, and Tactics. I've played every si9ngle one from 4-13 and including FF1. Never even got to disk 3 of 9 before I got bored. And my most recent attempt at 10 ended right before Zanarkand. 8 I already mentioned. 11 was an MMO and bleh! And 13 was... well 13 was just a mistake. Tactics Advanced was bleh.

And god please don't start on me with Kefka. Not unless you want a dissertations worth of explanations on how awful Kefka is as a final boss.

Hicken2873d ago

So, in other words, a VII fanboy.

Yes, sugarcoat it, twist it if you must. But you're no rpg fan. You're no FF fan.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and your proof is, "meh... your no Spehiroth." It's obvious that you went into every game after VII- and likely the ones before, as well- expecting to play VII.

The storyline was poorly executed and centered around Cloud, not Sephiroth. Cloud, himself, was centered around Zack (who's barely even touched upon in the game), and Zack is centered around.. well, you get where I'm going with this. While Sephiroth might have LOOKED like a badass, his mental breakdown was shitty.

VIII was centered around Ultimecia. Literally everything that happens in the game is either a direct result of her actions, or the actions of those pursuing her. VIII wields a complex story that is truly wrapped up when you beat the final boss, who happens to be someone you've never seen because she's been using others to do her dirty work for years. When you beat this person who's been manipulating an entire world's population and time itself, there's an immense feeling of satisfaction, far more than punishing Sephiroth for his tantrum.

But this isn't about which of the games is better. It's about boss battles, and which ones are better. Since you never beat Ultimecia, you can't say it's better or worse. You didn't list X-2, so you can't say Trema wasn't better. You can only point to Sephiroth.

I can go far outside the FF franchise for boss battles that were better than Sephiroth: Malus, the last Colossus in SotC; Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles; Zoran Lazarevic from Uncharted 2; Lukav Minaev from Front Mission 3; the Doppelganger in .hack//GU installments; Yuuki Terumi in BlazBlue(now I'm just going through the games I own and listing the bosses that were more satisfying to beat- to me- than Sephiroth); Kagekiyo, the main boss from the first Genji game; Kessler from inFamous; the Shadowlord in Nier, especially after the first playthrough; almost any boss in Odin Sphere; the final boss of Xenosaga: Episode III; Viola in both Zone of the Enders games; Melbu Frama from The Legend of Dragoon, and Lloyd, to a lesser extent; and probably quite a few more.

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consolez_FTW2874d ago

YES! Fighting the End in MGS3 took me forever. I've never had a boss fight go on that long, like hours...Than I found the cheat for beating, go to PS2 main time menu and change the year up a couple years. When u got back in the game, THE END died of old age LOL. also agree with number 1.

DigitalAnalog2873d ago

You can also beat him by assassinating him the first time you see him on a wheelchair (that is if you have a sniper weapon at that time). He simply explodes into the most awesome of awesomeness.

-End statement

zerocrossing2873d ago

And his wheelchair comes flying at you and knocks you down, lol I did that on my second play through and it totally took me by surprise.

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