No Dive to Prone in Modern Warfare 3 But There Are New MP Modes

Robert Bowling has just confirmed via Twitter that there will be no dive to prone in Modern Warfare 3, however there will be new multiplayer modes. He did not specify what they will be.

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LOGICWINS3091d ago

No dive to prone, no one man army, no nukes, no last stand, no commando...lookin good.

Dart893091d ago

I hate cod but it sounds like they're trying to take it back to cod 4 but i still wont buy it until.

3.BETTER ANIMATIONS i've seen my bro get killed while the enemy character model was still reloading seriously what kind of crap is that??

Jezuz3091d ago

That's why I play BF3.

KingDustero3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I agree on ALL of these.

IMO CoD could actually be a game that takes skill to play if aim assist was removed. It just makes the game too noob friendly.

The "new" modes are probably some of the modes that were for some reason disabled in MW2.

MidnytRain3091d ago

"i've seen my bro get killed while the enemy character model was still reloading seriously what kind of crap is that??"

That's actually a trick attributed to "high-level" play. Anyway, I don't think the aim-assist is going anywhere. It'd change the pace of the game.

-Alpha3091d ago

You can turn aim assist off for Blops.

Aim assist is in every console shooter to some degree. COD does have too much though.

WANNAGETHIGH3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )


"BETTER ANIMATIONS i've seen my bro get killed while the enemy character model was still reloading seriously what kind of crap is that?? "

its called lag which every game has(depending on your internet speed) u ignorant troll.

@ Jezuz..give it a rest. different people different opinion,just because u dont like cod dose not mean u need to troll every cod article, cod fan boys r online playing there game while bf fan boys r on n4g trolling,if u love ur game so much then go play it and stop trolling.

Tr10wn3091d ago


CoD maybe is been redone over and over again but sorry mate the animations still pretty good, check your brother internet. and about the engine, well if we still play games from Valve "Source Engine" we can play CoD with the same engine, Valve is doing it and Activition is doing it, if its working don't change it upgrade it.

Pixel_Enemy3091d ago

COD is dead to me until I see a new engine. I am officially done buying the same game year in and year out. I refuse to allow them to make tweaks to their engine and call it a new game.

Ducky3091d ago

^ Why does the engine matter?

It looks decent and runs at 60fps, what deficiency does the current engine have to warrant a new one?

There's so many great games that use the Unreal engine, and all of Valve's recent games have been using the Source engine as well.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Even the sound of COD is not as good compared to BF3.

BF3 offers better things as Quality and Quantity.

FoShizzlenizle3090d ago

Battlefield games have aim assist just like COD.

bozebo3090d ago

"3.BETTER ANIMATIONS i've seen my bro get killed while the enemy character model was still reloading seriously what kind of crap is that?? "

That's called lag, it happens in every multiplayer game unless you are on LAN.

evrfighter3090d ago

10 bucks says they ripped off more cs/tf2 game modes.

we gonna see surf maps, jump maps, soccer maps, melee arena maps, aim maps.

MonopolyRSV3090d ago


No you can't. It SAYS you can disable it but it's always there slightly, at least in zombies.

gamingdroid3090d ago

Call of Duty tends to deliver one of the best campaign experiences combined with fantastic co-op modes.

I'm most likely buying it, and maybe even day one if I ain't to busy with Gears 3.

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-Alpha3091d ago

What was wrong with dive to prone? I thought it was nifty :(

Urrakia343091d ago

It's a Treyarch thing. :P

miDnIghtEr3091d ago

Ya Treyarch are the ones who innovate COD. From making your squad mate show up in blue, to zombies, to gun game and money games to prone to dive.

I thought it was a great and awesome button to have. Can't tell you how many cool moves I've done to escape death using the prone dive.

vickers5003090d ago

I liked dive to prone as well.

Jumping out of windows was some of the more fun times I had in Black Ops.

arjman3091d ago

Every year we say the same thing, I'm reserving any sort of judgement until I actually play the game.

blumatt3091d ago

I'm reserving my judgment too. Until the gameplay gets back to the CoD4 style that I learned to love, I won't be happy.

ReservoirDog3163091d ago

I actually liked dive to prone. Always wanted that in an FPS since I always jumped and crouched in singleplayer. It always seemed cool to me.

Meh, whatever I guess.

princejb1343090d ago

dive to prone was very useful, it saved me so many times from grenades

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belal3091d ago

dive to prone is bad? lol i liked it.

Forbidden_Darkness3091d ago

Yeah, I could have imagined some awesome quick scopes with it in.

FAGOL3091d ago

It was only cool for a while. But then you realise it's more annoying than helpful.

DA_SHREDDER3091d ago

Take out dive prone but add aim cheating? Screw you IW!

CDbiggen3091d ago

I once scored an amazing dive to prone final kill. On the highest point on WMD with lightweight pro on so no damage is taken from any height (lol...) dived off, ballistic knife to the poor guy in front of me. Little things like that make Black Ops fun to play.

JellyJelly3091d ago

"lightweight pro on so no damage is taken from any height"

Pretty sure they are working on a patch for that. It will be out in 3 years.

jdktech20103091d ago

Please make it interesting and not a reskinned multiplayer mode.

I would love for you guys to steal Treyarch's WAR mode...just saying.

LilDeja933091d ago

To be fair the "War mode" on WAW was pretty fun.

jdktech20103091d ago

Definitely....I would love that to make it to MW3 but it probably won't.....

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