Do the 3DS price wars spell doom for Nintendo's latest portable?

With the price wars of the 3DS heating up, and the portable available for as little as £49.99 (with trade-ins), is the system's long term future in doubt?

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DA_SHREDDER3080d ago

these prices along with all this shoddy hardware makes me embarrassed to be a gamer. We get ripped off yet millions of consoles and software sold. Games shouldn't cost no more than $30 bucks brand new, and consoles shouldn't be over the $150-200 mark.

disgaeapuchi3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Even the PSP-3000 is more expensive than the 3DS in the UK at the moment and it's a last generation handheld that undeniably costs less to manufacture - Sony must be making money off of it.

jacksheen00003080d ago

Enough with the 3DS article regarding pricing...

disgaeapuchi3080d ago

I wouldn't worry, that article basically says it doesn't spell doom, with the emphasis being on what nintendo needs to do (other than cut the price) to ensure a good future for the handheld.

jacksheen00003080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Thank you clearing that up for me. I m tired of reading article regarding the 3DS pricing.

So when I saw the title with the word "price" I did not even brother to read the article. My bad!