Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own (#5 - #1) - Gamezone

Stephanie Carmichael writes: This is it: our final five games in this week’s special feature, the Top 25 PS1 Games You Need to Own. To finish off our list, here are our special mentions: famous games, noteworthy achievements, and cool underdogs that made it to the top.

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firemassacre2843d ago

metal gear solid. (ps1) if you have not played that, you are missing out on the best metal gear solid game made to date. if you have a ps3, download it right now.

fluffydelusions2843d ago

pappa rappa lol I remember that game!


the title should b Top 25 PS1 Games that needs a hd remake. who in there right mind will go look for games that is almost 20years old when talk of new next gen consoles have alerday started?

Superted20072843d ago

people with their old consoles and emulator who think the PS1 and PS2 still give us better games to play a lot of the time than the xbox or other words.. ME :)

ChiVoLok02843d ago

Ahh Crash Bandicoot..Those were the days.

J86blum2843d ago

Metal Gear, and horror games were all I played on PS1 oh and Crash he was great.

Slugg3r2843d ago

Downloaded Crash Team Racing couple weeks ago, had a blast playing it split screen with friends. So much memories... 'sigh'

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The story is too old to be commented.