New Skyrim Khajiit And Nord Screenshot

A new screenshot of the Khajiit and Nord has been uncovered. The guys over at Eurogamer and G4TV played Skyrim for an hour at Quakecon and decided to reveal their created characters.


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TrevorPhillips3087d ago

Your killin me here mannnnnn!

I want this game now

TenSteps3087d ago

These faces are the biggest improvement in TES series imo


Jovahkiin3087d ago

Nord looks great but ill have to have two saves for khajit and nord :( where wil i find the time?

Cpt_kitten3087d ago

im guessing since all the screen shots ive seen that people have posted the char. customization if far greater

KingDustero3087d ago

These are also characters that were made in a matter of minutes. I'm sure they'd look even better if some time was spent creating them.

Anyways I'm REALLY liking how the Khajiits look. The Argonians look amazing as well. Looks like I'm never going have enough time to fully play this game.:(

Cpt_kitten3087d ago

lol true indeed, i was really curious about the Argonians, but see all the races is even better

Can't wait for this