Here’s the official Super Mario 3D Land logo

The official logo for Super Mario 3D has been revealed.

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slampunk3083d ago

Holy wow. Nintendo you've really outdone yourself with this. the red background and same font
as always is jaw dropping!!!

SoundGamer3083d ago

And the game is set to be released November 2011 according to Nintendo. Mario Kart 7 - December. Not too far away.

Samus HD3083d ago

and I hope 3ds Sales will grow up

SoundGamer3083d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be a surge of sales come this Holiday season; Especially with the price drop yesterday.

Solidus187-SCMilk3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I think it sould be called super mario Land 3D

I loved super mario land on the old gameboy, I have super mario land 2 and 3 they are awesome.

PygmelionHunter3083d ago

I think the name should not be linked to Super Mario Land in any way, gamers who remember the Gameboy saga may find this confusing, probably thinking that it is a remake.

Toadmaster893083d ago

I like it. Very classic. Cant wait for it