A Crash Course Through Game Related Illnesses

GP blogger, DoctorStrangeLove writes, "Just face it, everything is trying to kill you at all hours of the day. Your own body has it out for you. Even while I type out this blog, my monitor is actively trying to kill me by blasting me with no less than six types of super radioactivity... So why should your precious video games be any different!? The obvious answer is, they're not. Your gaming system is probably sitting there collecting dust, thinking up sinister ways it can harm you at this very moment. Luckily though, systems just aren't that good at killing people. Unless you get a bad shock or think it wise to stay on your system for a few days straight, your system will probably fail to end your life. But that doesn't mean it can't still maim or disfigure you in terrible ways! Thankfully you have a Doctor on your side to combat this though, right? Don't look at me like that! I'm here to help! Prepare yourself for the grizzly, unfiltered, mess of a blog I like to call... A CRASH COURSE THROUGH VIDEO GAME RELATED ILLNESSES! Let's get to it."

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