Proof that Doom 3 is still one of the best looking games to date

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier this month we’ve informed you about a new texture pack for Doom 3. We’ve been wondering though how Wulfen’s textures would look like if we could mix them with Sikkpin’s amazing graphical mod. So get ready everyone because with this combination, Doom 3 can look better than most modern-day FPS games and we are not joking."

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lazertroy3083d ago

Replace this with OKAMI and then I will approve this article

Kos-Mos3083d ago

It`s obvious you don`t understand much.

Dramscus3082d ago

colorless fps is colorless

FACTUAL evidence3083d ago

Yo...............GAAAWD DAMN!

Louis_Guzman3083d ago

I agree, this looks like every other tosser's choice fps. Need more greys and blacks stat!

I'll take Okami over this drek anyday.

SilentNegotiator3083d ago

This article should be called something more like...."Proof that mods can make a game look good".....or, something.

Panthers3083d ago

I would say Zelda, The Windwaker, but I am one of the chumps that never played Okami.

Tacomac3082d ago

I have to agree about Windwaker. Even though it wasn't high def it's are style make it one of the best looking games out there.

bozebo3082d ago

I hate the windwaker art style :(

Link just looks like he can't handle a sword anymore.

peowpeow3083d ago

Haven't played DOOM 3, but these shots really remind me of Riddick. Looks good

NRG3082d ago

That's because Riddick uses the exact same engine, idtech4.

Izowiuz3082d ago


No, it does not. Riddick uses engine made by Starbreeze Studios called 'Starbreeze Engine'.

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xenophage3083d ago

Damn. This mod almost makes me wanna re-install the game. Almost.

darthv723083d ago

this doesnt work with the xbox version. Then again, for the specs, the xbox version is quite impressive for its time.

meetajhu3083d ago

I play doom 3 every day. I check new textures all the time. It is indeed one of the best looking game till date. Thats what keeps me hyped so much for Rage

Blaine3083d ago

Except Doom 3 is the definition of corridor shooter, whereas Rage has huge environments.

Having said that, I have to say I'm also really hyped for Rage. But you should be hyped for Doom 4 then!

BubbleSniper3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

nothing wrong with him playing Doom 3 every day. I play a game of L4D every day with a cup of coffee. i manage to usually get 2 campaigns done in about 40 mins, depending on any slackers.

my personal goal is over 1,000,000 zombies killed. lol.. so give meetajhu a break

Skizelli3082d ago

There are still people who play Doom 2 every day. It's not that hard to believe.

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Shinuz3082d ago

That's what i just did, now installing the mods :)

Perjoss3082d ago

I've got that mod installed along with the Wulfen texture pack and 1 other texture pack, cant remember the name of it, and the game looks truly amazing, I'd be very surprised if Doom4 looks as good as Doom3 with these mods installed.

Only problem is id tech3 was not designed to run with all those effects on like depth of field, motion blur and such high res textures so it really does eat into the frame rate even on a good setup.

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rmedtx8883083d ago

That's why I think they should re-release it for this gen of consoles.

Ingram3082d ago

Awesome idea, better yet, Doom 1 to 4 on next gen, on one disk.

rmedtx8883081d ago

That would be nice. Does any one now if there's some kind of petition out there for this? I will sing it. I'm not sure petitions work but it's worth the try.

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dark-hollow3083d ago

Doom 3 was a technical masterpiece.
Can't wait for rage.