Nintendo applies for 'massively single-player' patent, mentions Wii 3D

Hardware maker lays claim to idea of a virtual world devoid of direct player interaction, suggests implementation on "Wii 3D video game console." ...

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Jio2844d ago

that actually sounds like it could work. I would buy a game like that

handheldwars22844d ago

Nintendo, innovating as always...

NukaCola2844d ago

I don't mean to start up a fght here, but isn't this already invented? Didn't the .Hack games on PS2 do this? Where is replicates a MMO but it's still an entire single player experience? Or is this something different?

Axonometri2844d ago

I wonder if this Wii 3D has anything to do with a 3DS type screen on the new controller for the Wii U?

matey2844d ago

its the argmented reality on WiiU controls it give u a 3D virtual experience thats what i think

TruthbeTold2844d ago

PLEASE let it be Pokemon.

mike1up2843d ago

I was thinking the same thing! That would take Pokemon to a new level.

Kee2844d ago

But I like dealing with other people. Massively amounts of other people. In the multiplayer world.

darfreeze2844d ago

Wii U...It's about you. hmm. Even online it will always about you. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.