Masq: Sex, Lies and Corruption

PC Gamer writes:

"I'm fairly sure my wife is cheating on me. It's the one thing I haven't been able to work out for certain yet. I've played this life through dozens of times, every way I can think of, and I can never quite catch her in the act, nor shake the feeling that there's something she's not telling me. This is the allure of Masq, and the reason it's well-named: there's always more to it than you see."

"The title refers to the range of women's clothing you - manager of a fashion design studio - are about to showcase, and the action takes place in the few days leading up to the big show, when your career will be made or broken. Which I guess doesn't go very far to explaining how my first play-through ended with me divorced, disgraced, jobless, shot and in jail; unless I really would make that bad a fashionista. No, that's all a consequence of the seedy underbelly of your life, much of which you'll get the chance to scratch."

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kevanio093996d ago

really makes you think about your actions