EA's Skate vs Activision's Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Game Trailers have compared both EA's Skate and Activision's Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, they finished of with an overall score of 23.7% for Tony Hawk and Skate winning with a 76.2%. The games were scored on Graphics, Tricks, Controls, Modes, Objectives and Extras.

You can view the full breakdown of the scoring on Game Trailers and they also have a HD and Standard definition trailer comparing the skateboarding games as well.

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Fu19854087d ago

over and over and over until we all get old.

PlayStation3604087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Tony Hawk was dope back in the day when it first came out. But it's refreshing to have something new. I liked that Skate demo more than THPG.

harv0524087d ago

I think the THPS machine has died down. I used to be a big fan, but it's just too much of the same old stuff...

Bnet3434087d ago

choose your own path? WTF, you did that in underground n sh*t. skate is refreshing, Activision needs to come up with something different. Project 8 was the last straw

MK_Red4087d ago

Skate all the way. It had superb and innovative controls, felt fresh, the areas were nice and realisitc and finally, the graphics did feel next-gen and style was there.
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground? Let's see. No innovations (Just some added nail the... moves), same controls, feels really dated and much like most of previous games, areas are getting really old and the graphics are really not much different than a good looking PS2 game, the only difference is in resolution here. THPG's only plus is it's video edit system that is better and deeper than Skate's. The level editor things didn't help much. Story and characters as always lame.
Skate: 8.5/10
THPG: 4.5/10

esreveR4087d ago

Skate was just a down right fun and refreshing game. Being a skater myself it really did add a sense of realism that button mashing just can't give. Skating is all about finess and technique (and being a very hard sport to get a hang of) and Skate really delivered the goods. The only issue I had (being an oldschool skater) was going downhill on a trick board. I was hoping that some really oldschool tricks/skateboards would be in the game since I heard that downhill was involved, but oh well that's just me. If your a skater and you want somethin' to play when it's raining or when you wreck yourself and break something, skate is THE game for you.

solar4087d ago

skate definitely kicks the crap outta tony hawk. i too, a former skater, enjoyed the hell outta skate a lot more than any other TH game. the controls do need some more tweaking imo. my roommate spent 2 hours alone on the Rob and Big 360 flip to fs crooked grind....and still hasnt hit it.

Fux4Bux4087d ago

Yeah Tony Hawk is the same ridiculous crap and it has gotten boring. Skate has an amazing completely physics based control scheme and refreshes skateboarding games. I'm really surprised it didn't get too much critical acclaim and Tony Hawk is still doing well with a vastly superior game out.

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