Four Ways to Watch Gamescom with Playstation.Blog

After extremely high demand I’m pleased to confirm that we will be providing a live video stream of the SCEE press conference at gamescom. I invite you to join us at the Gurzenich Köln on:

Tuesday 16 August 2011 at 19:00 CET / 18:00 BST / 03:00 Sydney (Wed)

What’s more, we’re giving you four ways to watch the event:

PlayStation.Blog Watch it here on the web and dissect the announcements in the comments.

PlayStation App. The video feed is mobile compatible so you can watch it on your IOS or Android phone via the official PlayStation App.

PlayStation Home Dress smart and watch the conference on the big screens in the PlayStation Home gamescom Space.

Facebook Watch it live with a bunch of people you used to go to school with on facebook.

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zoks3104431d ago

Great, thanks for the tip.

blumatt4431d ago

Can't wait to see more details for the Vita and possibly a PS3 pricedrop to either $250 or $300.

LakerGamerEnthusiast4431d ago

a price drop to $250 probably but $300? aint it at that right now?

blumatt4431d ago

OOps. lol I meant to say $200. haha Oh well. I hope they do go down to $200 and not just $250 though. Either way, PS3s are going to fly off shelves afterwards.

LakerGamerEnthusiast4430d ago

haha its cool dude ^.^ and ya if they go that down they will practically walk to homes ahah

SilentNegotiator4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

You know what I wanna see? Roller Coaster Tycoon on Vita. I mean, hear me out. Have you played Zoo Tycoon on the DS? They simplified it a BIT, but it was pretty good and the touchscreen controls were really natural. And what would be a better way to celebrate Playstation's new found handheld with a touchscreen then with one of my favorite games of all time?

Ohh! Do Age of Empires 2, also (edit: uhhh, scratch that. MS has control over that franchise. Obviously wouldn't happen)! And....well, I could do this all day.


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frosika3217m ago

I definitely cannot wait. Growing up with beat em ups and shoot em ups arcades in the 90s was a true joy and gem back in the days. This reminds me exactly of batrider, twin cobra, and others...


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