Herculean Task: Remastering God of War: Origins Collection for PS3

PS Blog writes:

"Re-mastering both of the God of War PSP games in full HD for the PS3 God of War: Origins Collection definitely had its share of challenges for us. The first goal we had was simply the daunting task of up-rezing the engine and content authored on a PSP running at 480 x 272 resolution and 30 frames per second to 1920 x 1080p at a steady 60 fps on the PS3. This required a custom PS3 version of our engine, coded in-house exclusively for the Origins Collection, as well as a painstaking process by art team. We ended up going through every single character in the game and doubling or tripling polygon count by hand, as well as up-rezing and re-painting every texture across both games at 4x resolution on both characters and environments."

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Omar914136d ago

well ready at dawn dont you worry. your hard work will not go to waste. I will be purchasing this day 1 :)

limewax4136d ago

I think it looks good, But I can only personally see higher FPS and more AA. Are there any other differences? Increased texture rez etc

Mario4life4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

@limemax this article said texture, polygons, etc were 4x the original psp realease

jackoffjim4136d ago

They did a pretty good job on this port. It's not God of War 3 graphics, but it's really good looking.

Moerdigan4136d ago

apparently PSP remasters are juiced up more than I expected, at least this game.

jackoffjim4136d ago

I looked at the 2nd port and I was like, "oh my god!".

HaHa_Ostrich4136d ago

I like when developers involve themselves so hard, even though they could just upscale it. Great job!
Im gonna treat myself with a GOW marathon with all 5 chapters chronologically.
Come to think of it, a proper dual layered blu-ray of God of War pentalogy would be appropriate.