OXM Review WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2008 5/10

Ooh... and you were so close, THQ. OXM have been getting excited about the release of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 for a while now, because they are big fans of the series and sweaty men wearing Lycra in general. Having already cut its next-gen teeth with the last game though, THQ and Yuke's could have gotten away with a little polishing of the problems that beset SvsR07 - namely, the messy reversal system and the woeful correlation between you pressing the buttons like mad and your wrestler not getting up off the canvas - and they would of have been more than happy. Did that happen though? Did it hell.

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MK_Red4047d ago

Got to agree with review and score. SvR 2006 was a superb game in ever aspect and got 8.9 from GameSpot and 9 from IGN. Last year's SvR 2007 was fine but not much different from original PS2 game except for graphics. Now the SvR2008 and is really not much different than previous games and all old problems are still here.
I think they should start from scrath for next-gen and use a new engine and control scheme. The animation system of Euphoria engine (GTA4, Bonebreaker game and others) would be really good for this game.

predator4047d ago

i was thinking about getting this cos i like the story mode as i had the previous games but all reviews say the story mode is really bad. pitty.

Danja4047d ago

SvR06 was the last time I have purchased or played a wrestling game..and that was a great game...but this game will still sell alot..even though it not that good..BLAH..

kalistyles4047d ago

are getting a little boring already. i guess they're good for the die hard wrestling fan, but there just not how they use to be.