Top 5 Most Underrated Games of All Time

Gaming Irresponsibly writes, "Over the years, we have seen some great games. Most of us will always remember the big ones; Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock among many others. But each year, some great titles fall by the wayside."

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Venoxn4g4723d ago

indigo prophecy & eternal darkness are awesome!

..adding.. shadows of the damned & killer 7

christheredhead4723d ago

i haven't gotten around to shadows of the damned yet but a definite yes to the remaining 3. most of the time the underrated games are the best games.

Rchillis4723d ago

Shadows of the Damned was pretty good

Fade_Walker4723d ago

I'm playing Shadows of the Damned right now. I don't know if it's my type of game yet. Needless to say though that Johnson is hilarious.

nopunctuation4723d ago

Mirrors Edge was terrible.
Heavy Rain was better.

Only complaints really. Replace those with Demon Souls and LBP2 (cant convince any of my manly friends to play that).

Venoxn4g4723d ago (Edited 4723d ago )

How can LBP2 be underrated? it sold 1.45m already..

Mirrors edge was quite good, but I didn't like monotonone feeling, if it had a little bit more variety it could be allot times better..but sequel could improve that..

can't say anything about demon's souls because I didn't play it, but heard only good things..

and Indigo for me was better than Heavy rain (my opinion) ..for me it had more immerse story and I do like mystical things more than detective story..

nopunctuation4723d ago

1.45m i not enough for such an innovative game. But the real reason I call it underrated is because whenever I bring it up with my gamer friends, they dismiss it thinking its a kiddy game and they are too old for it. I wish people could see otherwise because the game has so much more to offer when you look beyond the cute exterior.

Ducky4723d ago

Having friends who have poor tastes in games isn't enough to justify a game being 'under-rated'

Fade_Walker4723d ago

Granted that I did finish Vanquish in four hours, But it was the most action packed four hours.

Rchillis4723d ago

I never played vanquish. I might have to check that out.

SamPao4723d ago

its just awesome! I call it a gameplay masterpiece! never played something like it, its too short, of course, I finished it 3 times. but its great

Hicken4723d ago

Legend of Dragoon deserves to be on that list.

ReservoirDog3164723d ago

Kane and Lynch 2.

Yeah, I loved it. Not perfect but it must be the grittiest game ever.

acemonkey4723d ago

shadows of the Damned and Enlaved