No "One Man Army" Perk in Modern Warfare 3

Robert Bowling, Modern Warfare 3's Creative Strategist, reassures fans that One Man Army is not coming back to Modern Warfare 3.

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Nitrowolf23486d ago

wow that's good. It was so exploitable in MW2.

Criminal3486d ago

One Man Army, Commando, and Danger Close almost broke the multiplayer for me.

BiggCMan3486d ago

Which one was Danger Close again? I can't seem to remember what it did. I remember those other 2 though, definitely frustrating perks.

-Alpha3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

It upped the explosive damage, which was honestly just not necessary

Criminal3486d ago

Danger Close boosts the level of damage of an explosion.

xPhearR3dx3486d ago

It did for me, along with every thing else, looking back on it idk how I ever enjoyed that game.

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RedDead3486d ago

So what...did they just replace it with an auto grenade launcher?

xVeZx3483d ago

the auto grenade launcher is a sentry gun that fired the spec ops trailer again they show it...

nopunctuation3486d ago

Just take out all the fun perks why dont ya. All we will have is the lame ones like faster reloading thanks to the whiners. Then they will go back to saying there is not enough variety and they will give it back., Its just an endless cycle...

JeffGUNZ3486d ago

COd4 was the best COD to date and they didn't have those god awful perks. It looks like they are trying to bring the game back to it's roots, sounds interesting to me.

ambientFLIER3481d ago

Really? Are you Saying that Last Stand, Martyrdom, and Juggernaut weren't complained about in COD4?

jbl3163486d ago

No more Rambo type players lol.

3GenGames3486d ago

There shall always be Rambo players. It's COD.

agentxk3486d ago

Awesome, a little more balance

xPhearR3dx3486d ago

Like this balances anything, one overpowered perk goes, another fills its spot.

Shmotz3486d ago

So no OMA,Commando, Danger Close or Last Stand? Great to hear.

Criminal3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I feel Ghost slowed Black Ops' MP down, I hope it won't be back in MW3.

Edit: @perdie I rarely use ghost 'cause I see more value in Flak Jacket, Hardline,.. etc.

When I'm rushing, I'd rather use FlaK Jacket so I can use Ninja instead of Hacker for those Claymores.

perdie3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Ghost is one of those perks that are neccesary to have. You don't just want every 3 kill streak being able to see you everytime because there is nothing to counter it. Black ops did justice to not being able to see people with ghost by implementing the Blackbird.

Personally I only use ghost because when im flanking people I do not want them to know im coming up behind them because they were able to get a 3 kills streak.

3GenGames3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Ghost is fine as long as they don't give people gillie suits! I can't tell you how many millions of times I was shot with a Galail by a SNIPER. Don't dress them like one if they have a machine gun when they spawn. MAJOR oversight.

NoobJobz3486d ago

I hate Ghost. It seems everytime I play the other team is just all people with Ghost. Most of the time they're camping.

mastiffchild3486d ago

Nah, the map is so unreliable that ghost is akin to cheating. If you can't fool someone without ghost then stop sneaking as it's not dfor you. Also, most people I saw using it on Blops would hide in the corner of the shed with two doors every game on firing range-I reckon a third of my kills on that map were people doing that(claymore at the door they aren't watching etc)and you didn't even need the map to be working or a spy plane up to tell you anyone was there!

Silly perk in the hands of most people and not needed at all with such hit and miss maps. Blackbird was a VERY overpowering killstreak for a good team too-gives a weak team NO chance at all if the strong team starts using them and knowing exactly where they are.

OMA never annoyed me-mind, even though I never found a use for it myself even if commando became one of those perks you almost had to use at one point because otherwise you'd lose any close encounter. Last stand was always just DAFT and i never understood it.

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Redempteur3486d ago

don't rejoice , yet ..tehy probably replaced them with something equal or more annoying ..

RyuCloudStrife3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

great little by little my wish list is being fulfilled I just hope last stand is taken out

Rezka3486d ago

lol where have you been its already confirmed theres no last stand smh

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