GameSpy reviews Tabula Rasa: 'adrenaline junkies finally have their MMO'

Despite the problems, Tabula Rasa is off to a great start and its future potential is very promising. While the lack of an auction house hurts the game, the awesome combat, intense battlefield action, fun missions and interesting character progression is more than enough to keep players coming back for a good long while. A well-realized science fiction setting in a genre overflowing with elves and orcs doesn't hurt either. A big salute to "General British" for letting us all indulge our inner starship trooper.

Overall score: 4/5

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GIJeff4087d ago

rules. It's a lot of fun. Where normally in an MMO you can start a fight and eat a sandwich, this game forces you to stay on top of the battle. You have to be involved in every part of the action. Its very good. The cloning system is a great idea. The missions are more than "fetch me some barley so i can make drinks" missions that the other MMOs make you do over and over again. I give this game an A.