Tesco refuse to deliver on cut-price Xbox 360

Tesco are refusing to deliver thousands of XBox 360's that were ordered through their online service after accidentally offering the bundle for £33.24. As soon as the mistake was noticed word spread and orders came rolling in. Tesco soon realised their mistake and took the product offline, but not before a stack of orders had been received, and payments accepted.

The error happened after Virgin offered a similar deal for £35. It is alleged that this was an intentional ploy to outwit Tescos' spidering software which automatically checked other brands to ensure the cheapest deal.

Virgin soon switched their offer back to the original price and honoured the few lucky customers, leaving Tesco as the sole seller of the bargain.

Disgruntled customers are now contacting BBC's Watchdog in a bid to ensure Tesco deliver.

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Kulupoo3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

If the transaction does goes through they better deliver the 360s, It's their own fault that they put the wrong price up... deal with it :D
and lol at the software designer...

ruibing3999d ago

Well, it's an honest mistake so I don't see why its so unfair for them to just cancel all the orders and return their money. It has happened before on Amazon and other major online retailers.

Meus Renaissance3999d ago

It was just a mistake. People are trying to steal from TESCO, this is an abuse of the system.

Loopy3999d ago

No, they don't need to honor a mistake.
Virgin can do it for their images and marketing purposes, and also because they are a mega large company.

Why has this been approved ?

monkey6023999d ago

TESCO are a huge company too! anyway arent there consumer rights that should force them to honour the purchase

jackdoe3999d ago

They are not required by law to uphold a price mistake.

SETBAK3999d ago

If Tesco uses a program to check the prices of their competitors so that they can adjust their prices to be cheaper than the competition, how would this be a mistake by Tesco? Its how this supposed program works. They are trying to maintain an edge on the competition but this time it came back to bite them in the @$$. What they need to do is honor the sales and change their program.

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The story is too old to be commented.