First 30 Minutes of Super Mario Galaxy on Video

AMN's been playing Super Mario Galaxy for most of the afternoon, and to no one's surprise, it's a blast. The game will be available for purchase on Monday, but if you're having a hard time passing the time until you can get your hands on Galaxy for yourself, they've got a treat for you. Inside, you can download a video of and see the first 30 minutes of the game in all its glory.

To those wary of spoilers: this video shows the opening cut-scene and, well, first 30 minutes of gameplay. However, other than the opening cinematic and a few early level spoilers, you won't be ruining much for yourself.

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BIoodmask5686d ago

this game looks amazing. I only wish the other developers would make Wii games that push the Wii like Super Mario Galaxy does. This game reminds me so much of Mario 64, which was one of the best Mario games ever.

Nice job Miyamoto.

doomsonyman5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

i will never buy a wii nintendos high point games wise was n64 with perfect dark starfox and rogue squadren. nintendo will always be a shallow image of it's former self when it comes to the n64. now that rare is working for that sh** box 360 and factor 5 working for the almighty sony almost any game that made nintendo great is gone, except mairo and zelda. but if nintendo makes a new starfox i might have to hop on board

miked8085686d ago

Might of been fun a couple of years ago.

vilmer5686d ago

This will make a lot of people dizzy/sick!

jaja14345686d ago

Maybe its because I've played to many 360 titles or that I've just gotten older, but that just looked boring as hell. Oh and dizzying, very dizzying.

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