New Details on "HAZE"

PS3Land recently had the chance to interview Free Radical Designs and get new info on upcoming multiplatform game for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The games engine has been built from the ground up and is supporting amazing graphics and animation. From the sounds of it, this title will be worth buying!

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TheMART5864d ago

Curious about this game for sure. Hope a trailer or playable demo will be coming to XBL marketplace soon

super bill5864d ago

don,t know why they making these,s games for the ps3 for.when it will never be released.

PS3 Ultimate5864d ago

Don't know why its for the 360 thats what I should ask. When Sony wins this next generation war they will be considered a legendary company in my mind. Because they will overcome all of the odds! The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

clayton5864d ago

Because that is all they can produce LOL!

General5863d ago

The future is never going to be here....with the Wait Station 3....This is Waiting! NOT Living!

LuminousAphid5863d ago

PS3Land: Are you using the Blu-ray technology of the PS3 to add additional game material?

Rob: Nope.