Dust Voids PS3 Warranty

From "I just got off the phone with PS3 customer support who kindly informed me that my PS3 is "too dusty" to be replaced under warranty."

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PimpHandHappy4047d ago

well if you allow your $600 machine to get so dusty that it breaks you dont deserve to get a new one.

maybe you want this to become flamebait? Maybe your saying you dont use your PS3? In anycase how long does it take to wipe off the dust from a game machine? What 10sec?

Maybe you work for EA and you cant help but be lazy

Prime example of a total bum is one that wont take the 10sec every other day it takes to wipe off dust.

cloud360-7th_account4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

HAHAHAHHA. this is hilarious. This is like saying if you dont play on your PS3....and just leave it (notice it wont get damaged and notice this guy trying to say he did not play on his PS3, he doesnt hav one) then you can not get the warranty.

"Obviouslly this is a 360 fanboy"

There isnt enough negative PS3 news these days is there, all of the adverts and eveythign, with sony owning a lot of TV enterprises, and its shareholders own even more TV channels. Bye Bye 360

Fisher3394047d ago

even if this is true, there is an easy fix before sending it in.

just buy that air in a can stuff (ie dust remover). and blow the dust right out

problem solved

gamesR4fun4047d ago

ya thing is a dust magnet its a fact if this story is true I hope they get enough flak from it to smarten up.
Still if mine breaks imma giving it a good dusting and taking pics b4 I send it in....

uxo224047d ago

Shame on you Sony! This is not a PC, there is no way this guy could vacuum out his PS3 without opening the case and voiding the warranty. These are the type of tactics that Sony tend to use on product when they have to cover the warranty cost. I had a laptop that was killed by a bios upgrade provided to me by Sony's tech support. They claimed that I was doing the bios upgrade at my own risk AFTER the machine wouldn't reboot. However, there original tech problem was that my battery wouldn't hold a charge and they told me to do the upgrade as a tech solution. Just like that, a 2000 dollar laptop dead in 6 months and they wanted me to give them 750.00 to replace the main board or I'm out of luck.

I feel sorry for this guy because they got him in a typical Sony-Catch-22. Can't open the case (without voiding the warranty) and can't stop dust from entering the case (totally out of the consumers control).

Perhaps since Sony is going to be such pricks about it they should use tighter screens on the casing of the PS3. This is really sad. I'm going to throw a MAJOR fit on their a$$es if this happens to me with my PS3.

Also, why do you need a frickin receipt, at this present moment, they can look at the manufacturing date on the box and tell if it is out of warranty. How criminal.

JsonHenry4047d ago

Wow, how dusty is "too dusty"? I want to see pictures.

Too bad, if you had a 360 then you could get it replaced for almost any reason you can think of up to 3 years.

$600 is a LOT of money to be wasted. Sucks.

Real Gambler4047d ago

Then, he just has to wait until he get the PS3 back (as stated) with a document stating it's not under warranty because of dust (they HAVE to write down why it's not under warranty). Since it would not be under warranty anymore, he can then open it in front of two witness and take is own pictures of the inside. Witness sign the pictures. Next step, go to BBB and/or post the pictures all over the web with a scan of the letter claiming warranty is void. You can be sure he would get a call back from Sony quickly...

But as I said, only if it's true... Somehow, I don't this so.

BrianC62344047d ago

Sony's customer service center just won an award for being so good. This is just a lie made up by Microsoft most likely. I haven't heard of any real problems with sending a PS3 in for repair. The couple reports have been about how great the service was.

Now, if this is true then he must live in a dust bowl and the whole PS3 was clogged up with dirt. If that happened I can see why nobody would replace it.

speakthetruth4047d ago

I never wipe down my 360, and it plays like a dream. If I had a PS3, and got this load of crap from sony, I would record them and expose their asses on primetime. Hell, maybe I buy the $399 PS3, since it is so cheap (LMFAO), and try the dust experiment. But, I would record their asses. Don't know if this is true, but I'm just sayin.

MANTIIS4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I have a can of air on the subwoffer next to my PS3. I blow air on it every day before I play a game. Anyone who let's an amount of dust on their system, to the degree of it voiding a warranty...deserves to have the warranty voided.

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PimpHandHappy4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

xboxppl that will aprrove this

i use my PS3 daily and for many many hours and geuss what. It still collects dust

ADD ON: ahahahahahahaaha i guess u disagree that my PS3 collects dust even when used daily. I guess u have seen my PS3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

360sucks4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

more bullsh!t stories
your call of duty 4 must be lagging again
don't take it out on sony
with these made up stories

socomnick4047d ago

so you surf the internet on the ps3 That explains it all.

The Dude4047d ago

The ps3 attracts dust like a magnet. Who wants to wipe down a console everyday for 10 seconds....

sak5004047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

If it gets used then it wont get dusty. Atleast one will have to reach it to insert a game or movie. So naturally if u see dust on it you'll try to clean it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4047d ago

agreed sak500, it only makes sense to clean it once in awhile. I always see dust only my ps3 (due to the glossiness) and i just take 10 seconds out of my life to wipe it off. Its not hard to do.

PimpHandHappy4047d ago

this story is a total fake and i dont care if it gets approved

this site is filled with self loathing hatfull ppl that cant help but try and make a piont out of things that dont mean jacksh!t in the real word

like this story

Maybe this is why 33%?RROD is a issue? Maybe the kids that have a 360 dont wipe off the dust?


The Dude4047d ago

"this site is filled with self loathing hatfull ppl" You mean like you?

godofthunder104046d ago

i don't belive the story either,i think he's makin it up but you shouldn't have said the 360 have a 33 % failure rate because it's not true either,hell you don't hardly hear about it any fixed the problem and gave every one a 3 year warriny wich is half the console life for free.
when sony came out with the ps1 and 2 they had a lot of problems with them to and they had around a 33% failure rate maybe a little higher or lower but not by much.i had to buy 5 in less then a year and a half and i know someone that bought 6 of them.
the reason that the 360 problem became a big deal is because when the 360 came out every body in the world was on the internet and every one talk about it and spread the news all over the world and like this guy here they had some sony fans lieing saying that they had a 360 and it burned up ,the reason that you knew that they were sonyfans because their story were just impossible,for instance one of them said that he was playing his 360 and it just stop playing so he tryed to eject the game and it wouldn't eject so he pryed the door open and the reason that it stop playing was because it got so hot that the game melted all over inside the system and anybody with common since knows that before that would happen the 360 would've shut down or burst into flames brcause it takes a flame to melt a disc and i've read a lot more that was just like this one.
the reason that the ps1 and 2 didn't become a big deal is because when it came out they didn't hardly had anyone on the internet to talk and spread the news like they did with the 360 and if the internet was like it is now back then then sony would've had the same problem as the gave every one a 3 year warrinty but sony didn't give us anything for our problems.

PimpHandHappy4047d ago

all things collect dust fools! Unless you live in a sealed room that doesnt allow for outside air your GOING TO GET DUST

maybe the ppl that have hit disagree are children who dont have to clean there own house. Maybe mommy makes your bed and cleans ur rooms. I own my own home and im telling you all! Things collect dust


i wipe the vents maybe every 3rd or 4th day but im a smoker so that adds to the dust. I also use insence

i dont wipe down the whole system. Just the vents

PS360PCROCKS4047d ago

ok follow my steps..
step 1. bend over
step 2. Grab your neck and yank really hard til you hear a loud pop
step 3. Quickly take a deep breath and relax
Good now have your head successfully removed from you ass.

disclaimer: If suffocation and brain damage are incurred they will be your own fault.

Oh and um read the story you idiot. No one said that "DUST DOESN'T GET IN MACHINES" this is a story about Sony saying "TOO BAD YOU GOT TOO MUCH DUST IN YOUR MACHINE!"